UAE ranks top 10 in the world for COVID-19 treatment

And also made the top 40 list as one of the safest countries to live in amid the coronavirus pandemic
UAE ranks top 10 in the world for COVID-19 treatment
The UAE has ranked in the top 10 best places in the world for coronavirus treatment

The novel coronavirus has now infected over 2 million people worldwide of which 5,365 have been recorded in the UAE.

The Deep Knowledge Group (DKG), a consortium of commercial and non-profit organisations that practise analytical and non-profit activities, recently shared on social media its global analysis for various categories under the COVID-19 pandemic. The categories include: COVID-19 risk ranking, the most supportive governments during the COVID-19 pandemic, top 40 COVID-19 safety countries ranking and the top 10 COVID-19 treatment efficiency countries.

The rankings for the Top 10 COVID-19 treatment efficiency countries category are as follows:

1. Germany
2. China
3. South Korea
4. Austria
5. Hong Kong
6. Singapore
7. Taiwan
8. Israel
9. Japan
10. UAE

In addition to this, the UAE also ranked at 18th place in the Top 40 COVID-19 safety countries:

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