Why we're backing Jameela Jamil's 'I weigh' Insta-movement (and why you need to, too)

Repeat after us: I am not defined by my weight
Why we're backing Jameela Jamil's 'I weigh' Insta-movement (and why you need to, too)

While for decades the media may have acted as rather insidious engineers of... well, body shaming, let's be frank, we'd like to think that in 2018 we're riding the crest of a wave that stands for anything but.

Body positivity is not just a couple of hot-topic buzzwords shoved together to be trotted out for the benefit of faux-feminist marketing, but an inspiring, real-life, vocal movement that is here, is growing, and is ruddy well proud of its love handles to boot. Visibility, diversity and inclusion are all topics we've been championing for years - which is exactly why the 410k-strong Instagram account that Brit actress Jameela Jamil called out for its "toxic nonsense" was all the more jarring in its Insta-post which kicked the 'I Weigh' movement off to begin with.

Digital Editor, Olivia Phillips

While there are some progressive pockets of the media that - while not perfect, admittedly - are working hard to pioneer positive change, when the influential account in question posted a picture of the Kardashians with what each of them weighed, alongside encouraging readers to comment underneath with their weight too, it proved that there's still a long way to go. Enter Jameela, enter Instagram, and enter a whole lot of (perfectly reasonable) incredulous outrage...

Editor in Chief, Alison Tay

“This is how women are taught to value themselves. In kilograms. Grim. What is this post trying to achieve other than to induce anxiety into young women about something so entirely irrelevant? What are we teaching women about our value? Can it be measured using a metric system?” she wrote, posting a picture of herself with a list of all the things she weighs herself by, including a "lovely relationship", "great friends", laughing every day, making an honest living and speaking out for women's rights. "I like myself in spite of EVERYTHING I've been taught by the media to hate myself about," she wrote. 

Digital Assistant, Savanna Smith

Cue thousands of women doing an air punch at the same time. 26.8 thousand, actually. That's how many people have joined the @I_weigh Instagram account she set up to share other women posting the same celebratory messages - including a (pretty emotional) Team Grazia. 

Fashion Assistant, Zahra Khan

We're backing the movement with each of us creating our own @I_weigh post; in Jameela's words, "A small ode to the brilliant life that I am so lucky to live, that I built by myself from scratch, to the friends I am so lucky to have and to my self worth. This is how I measure myself." We urge you to join in, too. List everything you're proud of and grateful for, and all the things that count towards defining who you are, far beyond the flesh on your bones. We're cheering you on.

Fashion & Beauty Editor, Charlotte Blair

Features Editor, Olivia Adams

Photos: Getty Images and Team Grazia's