Former Dubai residents are going to star on ‘The Great Hotel Escape’

They're practically local celebrities now

Former Dubai personality, Stef Burgeon and her partner, Simon Mark Hunt are set to start on British TV Show, The Great Hotel Escape which will air this week. 

Stef Burgon, previously a radio presenter on Dubai Eye, and Simon Mark Hunt lived in the UAE for 12 years.

In 2014, they went for a road trip around Scotland and found an old castle and decided to buy it.

Now, five years later, they’re running a full luxury B&B at Kilmartin Castle after renovating and restoring the 16th-century building.

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We’re gonna be on the Telly! Watch along with us: Channel 4, ‘The Great Hotel Escape’ airing 4pm on 26th Aug. We haven’t seen it yet, and it’s going to be so weird to relive the pain. Cameras followed us for 6 months capturing our castle journey with hosts and previous goggleboxers @stephanddom popping in to knock an odd wall down and tell us to HURRY UP! Here’s some scenes you won’t see on the telly. Us filmin’ the filmers. We loved our camera folk. People reckon it must be hard to be filmed. We reckon it’s hard to film us. . . . #channel4 #greathotelescape #kilmartincastle #renovationTV #renolife #usonthetv #makingtv #thegreathotelescape #scottishcastle #castlesofscotland #gogglebox #stephanddom #visitscotland #realitytv #documentary #bnb #homestay #boutiquehotel #luxurytravel

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The couple were contacted by producers of the British TV show when they were changing their mortgage to a hotel business loan, their mediator being the broker who was working with Burgon and Hunt.

And so, they landed themselves in an episode on The Great Hotel Escape.

The show is presented by ex-hoteliers and Gogglebox stars, Steph and Dom Parker. It will follow their entire progress over the seven months of renovations the Kilmartin castle went through.

While in the UAE, Burgon used to appear on The Ticket on Dubai Eye, and Hunt was a creative director.

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