Here’s how you can save the world from the back seat of your Careem

Careem Rewards are helping users to make a positive change in the region through an inspiring loyalty programme
Here’s how you can save the world from the back seat of your Careem

If you live in the UAE, you know the struggle of waiting outside for a taxi during rush hour. Chances are, you also know what it’s like to think, “What am I doing?!” before going back inside and ordering a Careem.

Well, the rush-hour life-savers have now officially launched the region’s biggest rewards programme, which boasts over 33 million users (including Grazia - we've been taking Careems all over the city in our Carpool Cosmetics beauty series).

For just 10,000 points, you can help a refugee with their essentials

Careem REWARDS, which FYI, has been on your Careem app this whole time, gives you points for every ride you take, no matter how you choose to pay. If you take 15 rides a month you can achieve Careem Gold status and enjoy multiple exclusive benefits – including 50 per cent more points and priority support. 

The best thing is, by using Careem, you aren’t the only one being rewarded. You can convert your Careem points into credit, and put it towards a range of charity donations, including the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR and other local charities, depending on your location. You can feed a child for a day with just 2,500 Careem points or for a week with 15,000 – or even fund a child’s education for a day by trading in just 6,000 points.

Careem Points have also partnered with the World Wide Fund for Nature in Pakistan, which means by spending just 900 points, you can help the planet by planting a tree.

Careem is the first company in the industry to launch such an initiative in the region, and they plan to continue to build the region’s leading tech-enabled platform. In the future, Careem customers will also earn points with all food orders placed on Careem NOW, their recently launched delivery app.

Careem have partnered with ShareTheMeal to provide food for children in need

So, do your bit and take a Careem home tonight.

Photos: Supplied and Instagram