Here's why we're admitting what makes us happy

Smile! August is Admit You're Happy Month
Here's why we're admitting what makes us happy

If you're happy and you know it raise your hand. 

August is Admit You're Happy Month, which has all of us at Grazia HQ pretty excited. Why? Because we believe it's important to discuss happiness. In particular, it's important to communicate the things that make you happy which perhaps you don't always shout about, for whatever reason that might be. 

Here, the team reveal what makes them feel all warm and cheerful - and it has nothing to do with the current weather situation... 

Olivia Adams, Features Editor

"I'm happy that I've got a group of friends who I can trust, rely, confide in and lean on. It's easy to forget that not everyone has strong bonds and I don't tell my group how much I appreciate them often enough. Being around them makes me feel content."

Sarah Huggins, Assistant Content Editor 

"I’m happy with my body. I find it all too easy to self-criticise my wobbly thighs and backside but actually I’m very grateful that they function and allow me to get enjoyment out of exercise. I may not look like a supermodel but I’m strong(ish)!"

Olivia Phillips, Digital Editor 

"I’m happy that my default mood is excited. No matter what the previous day has thrown at me, I am grateful that I wake up every morning and genuinely feel full of butterflies and optimism. My hero, English journalist Caitlin Moran, put it best when she said, 'I believe in giddy, deluded, intoxicated optimism because that is the fuel that will keep you going long after anger and righteousness or fear have burned out. I look everywhere for things to make me optimistic.'”

Bhumi Mithani, Junior Assistant

"I’m really happy around my family - and perhaps I don't tell them enough how much I appreciate them and enjoy their company. I’m really blessed to have such supportive and loving parents who bring out the best in me."

Alison Tay, Editor in Chief

"Music makes me happy - the raw emotion of a well-crafted song makes my heart soar - and I don't have nearly enough of it in my life. Happily, I've just moved into a space with incredible acoustics and at the very top of my wish list (after the Missoni cushions) is a baby grand piano so I can start making some music of my own."

It's time to bring on the happy.

Photos: Jason Lloyd-Evans