Hacks to conquer a cluttered home

No bin bags required
Hacks to conquer a cluttered home
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Do you ever get that feeling, you know, when you’ve settled in for a relaxing (read: separation anxiety inducing) day of KonMari-ing your clutter? Cupboards are empty, belongings are colonising your floorspace, but as another sentimental tote bag you schlepped home from halfway across the globe meets its maker (i.e. the bin), you wonder: is there more to life than this?

The answer is yes. Turns out, it is very much possible to stay ahead of clutter without leaving bin-bags of unused belongings, jettisoned memorabilia, and emotional turmoil in your wake.

All you need are a few easy organisation hacks for notoriously cluttered areas of your home, which, rather handily, we've rounded up below. They'll help you regain control of your surroundings and ensure your possessions stay as far as possible from any landfills - for good.

The pantry

The pantry is clutch for keeping kitchen counters at least a little clutter-free, but sometimes that means clutter gets shoved unceremoniously into it. Switching to a cohesive arrangement of stackable see-through containers can allow you to maximise on space so you can hold onto all those spices you’ve been intending on using someday (whenever that is).

Instead of stacking pots and pans on top of each other, install a mounted pegboard onto a wall to make them easier to see and grab. Combine this with a pot lid organiser and you’ll never have to contemplate parting with one of your woks for a bit of shelf-space.

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The laundry room

For all its lofty ambitions of order and cleanliness, the laundry room is too often a site of badly contained chaos. Switching out large, bulky drying racks for accordion-style ones can cut clutter and save space. They sit flat against a wall when not in use and pull out easily for all your air-drying needs.

Assemble a moving laundry station to help wheel laundry from room to room without orphaning any socks along the way. Better yet, stack items into a slim rolling cart that can be tucked away into small spaces to reduce the appearance of clutter.

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Between the fifty skincare products you promised yourself you’d use “tomorrow”, and the different hair treatments for every stage in your hormone cycle, bathrooms can home a lot of clutter.

Opt for barely-there storage like floating glass shelves, which are easy to install and won’t obstruct light. Complement them by swapping out unsightly packaging for glass pots and bottles so your products can assume double-duty as vanity candy when they’re not in use.

Put all your unused cabinet space to use by installing an adjustable tension pole to hook storage baskets onto. This offers an extra (and inexpensive) tier of storage for all your products.

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Your desk

Our desks can surreptitiously become heaped with clutter as we’re in the throes of work. Investing in a desk with plenty of drawers is a great place to start the organisation process. But don’t just stop there - use drawer dividers to designate a neat space for all your office supplies and ensure you never have to think about parting with your novelty paperclip collection.

To really get the most out of every square inch of space, turn your wall into a pushpin board using tackable wall panels. Mount documents, reminders, and photos of your cat at eye level to make sure they get your attention and don’t end up in unsightly dog-eared paper piles.

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