Virtually redesign your home with IKEA in 5 simple steps

Carla Klumpenaar, General Manager of Marketing, Communications and Interior Design at IKEA UAE walks us through the step by step process of IKEA's Remote Planning Service
Virtually redesign your home with IKEA in 5 simple steps

During this unprecedented time, the majority of us have been keeping safe in home quarantine, practicing social distancing and working from home. Spending so much time shielded and confined behind the walls of our homes, we’ve discovered that one great way to relieve stress is by redecorating our favourite spaces in our apartments or villas.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, physical visits to home interior outlets have not been easily accessible, and there’s only so much you can approximate virtually in terms of space and measurements of the furniture and home accessories you’d like to purchase. IKEA has responded to this dilemma by launching its new Remote Service Planning system where customers have the option to revamp their current homes or design the layout of their homes-to-be with IKEA’s expert interior design consultants.

IKEA’s General Manager of Marketing, Communications and Interior Design, Carla Klumpenaar explains to Team Grazia how we can redesign our homes with IKEA’s new Remote Planning Service in five easy steps:

Carla Klumpenaar, General Manager of Marketing, Communications and Interior Design at IKEA

Step one: Sign up!
The first step involves signing up for an appointment with an IKEA interior design consultant on the website here. “Our vision at IKEA is to create a better everyday life for the many people. Our aim is to make services and products accessible to the many people at affordable prices,” shares Carla.

Step two: Get ready to Zoom
This video session will involve a step by step formate created by IKEA so that the interior designer will have an understanding of the customer’s requirements. Carla highlights that an interior design consultant's understanding of the customer's needs and wants when redesigning their homes is the most important aspect of the process. She says, “When a customer uses the Remote Planning Service, an IKEA consultant helps create the perfect room setting and choose the right product design that suits their needs and style. The living situation of customers affects the choices that the designer makes for a room. Those living alone require different furniture in comparison to families with children.”

Step three: Share your moodboard ideas
Here you will be required to fill in all the necessary details in order for the interior designer to select and create product collages across categories. This includes furniture and accessories such as lamps and lighting which are further complemented with finishes. The product lists and prices for additional services related to installation and delivery will all be mentioned. Carla explains, “We’ve designed special templates which customers are required to fill in that will give the designers an idea of the preferences and requirements of the customer. This allows us to get closer to our customer and understand their expectations to help create the best experience.”

Step four: Get ready to 'gram your new living space
Now for the best part leading up to the revamp of your home – viewing the finished design carefully created by your assigned IKEA interior designer and finalising the new layout of your space. Carla states that every detail is taken into consideration by the consultant to ensure that all requirements of each and every customer are met, “Our interior design consultants leave no stone unturned.”

Step five: Swipe that card, but from a distance

Finally, once your design is confirmed, you will be asked to make the payment online or via bank transfer. Carla clarifies that prices vary according to the final design and layout selected, “Our interior designers work with various budgets in order to create the haven of one’s dreams. The remote planning platform offers free digital consultation from IKEA’s experts for kitchen, wardrobe and storage space planning. Meanwhile, the Interior design services start at Dhs250 and includes a one-on-one conversation with a professional to help you design your perfect home.”

Worried about the delivery service and sanitaion efforts amid the COVID-19 pandemic? Carla shares, “Providing a safe and hygienic home delivery service is a key commitment for us. We have implemented extra measures to ensure health and safety for our customers and employees. Additional hygiene training is provided to all our employees including the use of face masks and regular hand sanitisation. Daily temperature checks are done. After every delivery, all equipment is sanitised, and personal hygiene checks are implemented. Orders are prepared in a quality-controlled, clean environment and the sanitisation of all surfaces is done regularly.”

Signing up here to revamp our closet space now. BRB.

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