Meet the Apartment Whisperer

You may not know her name, but chances are, Aisling McKeefry’s about to change the way you live
Meet the Apartment Whisperer

With our personal spaces becoming as ’grammed as our garms, it’s no surprise that this week saw the launch of ASOS SUPPLY, the latest sub-brand to throw its hat into the high street homeware ring. After all who could possibly be better for the job of hauting up our homes than the etailer who’s been fashing up our wardrobes since time immemorial (it’s been19 years if you’re counting)?

Eye See You double duvet set Dhs187.97

ASOS’s first-ever living collection is the brainchild of Head of Design Aisling McKeefry. “Our customers are putting as much love and attention into their living space as they would their wardrobe,” Aisling tells Grazia. “The range is unisex, trend-led and considered allowing you to fill your personal space with personality and have fun with it.”

The collection has launched with three key moods – Eclectic Luxe, Cool Minimal, and Global Traveller – with more trends on the way, Aisling teases. “Each piece within the ASOS SUPPLY collection has been designed to complement each other so new trends can layer on top and work with existing pieces.”

3-pack woven strip tea towels Dhs42.51

However, when it comes to dressing your home, is it a mistake to keep too close an eye on the trends? “Not at all!” Aisling assures us. “Experiment! Enjoy! We really encourage our customer to be brave, push the boundaries and have fun with their styling choices – both in fashion and in their homes.”

Ombre bamboo basket Dhs85.01

The rise of Generation Rent and the new culture of comfort in an age of uncertainty has been credited for the demand for aspirational and affordable interiors that has seen both Zara and H&M expand their homeware ranges. And with prices starting from approximately Dhs50, and ASOS offering free returns, and free delivery when you spend over Dhs100, the range is also a game-changer for the region’s growing expat communities with a more evolving idea of the place they call home looking for chic solutions that ship to the GCC.

Aisling also points out, “The whole collection is centred around reversible, adaptable style so the pieces can be easily moved to different living situations and are able to evolve with the customer’s changing tastes.”

Eye mirror Dhs95.64

With ASOS SUPPLY speaking very much to a woke millennial, the most important question is how environmentally friendly is the range? “We have used sustainable materials as much as possible including recycled glassware, BCI cotton duvet covers and recycled polyester within the textile products,” Aisling reveals.

Here at Grazia we’ve added the eye mirror and the origami glass tumblers to our baskets. Show us your new purchases by tagging us on Instagram @Grazia_ME. Race you to the online checkout!

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