6 things we learned about Instagram at The Grazia Academy

The take-aways from Briar Prestidge’s How To Influence on Instagram course
6 things we learned about Instagram at The Grazia Academy

1. Create your vision statement

This is essentially why you’re on Instagram. This requires a deep dive into your values, passions and personality traits to start from a place of authenticity. So be honest.

2. Establish your tone of voice

Is it playful, insightful, funny, factual? Are you going to engage in conversations, educate, create desire, convey information, entertain?

3. Find your target audience

Create three to five follower profiles, define what their challenges are, and work out how you can solve them.

4. Develop a content strategy

What’s the purpose of your posts? To increase awareness, drive traffic, generate leads? Once you’ve whittled it down, work out how to connect it to your audience.

5. How to hashtag

There are three kinds of hashtags: high-occurring, such as #fashion; mid-occurring, such as #dubaifashion; and low-occuring, such as #fashionhasnomercy. Use mid-occuring hashtags so your posts don’t get lost in search results.

6. Take your community offline

Find ways to engage your followers off the ’gram by creating events and workshops.

  • The next How To Influence On Instagram course takes place on 5 October. Click here to register

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