Does your morning ritual need a self-love upgrade?

How to inject a powerful shot of positivity into your morning scroll

Our obsession with social media is as much a part of daily life as is brushing our teeth. Many find themselves absentmindedly scrolling through Instagram before actually sitting up in bed each morning.

Our online communities have the power to bring us closer together, fight social injustice, and spread powerful messages and international news faster than ever before. We are more aware of the world we live in than ever before. However, we are also fully conscious to the fact that social media can have a negative effect on our lives. In particular, our mental health.

So, if we know it may leave us feeling less than, but we cannot look away, it makes sense to fill our feeds with positive reinforcement. By following accounts that tackle topics that look to empower and inspire, we can ensure that we start our day feeling bright, light, and right.

The Hoodwitch 

This account looks to help you activate and reclaim your inner power through its topical memes and messages that focus on “everyday magic for the modern mystic.” 

The Thirty


With a bio that reads, “wellness for real people,” The Thirty encourages you to focus solely on the next thirty days, with the idea that once something is carried out daily for a month straight, it becomes a habit. Make putting yourself first a habitual practice.


Exhale is a Dubai-based streetwear label that integrates art, storytelling and mindfulness into its laid-back designs. And recently, it used social media as a way to promote messages of compassion during the pandemic.


Although essentially an Instagram account for a salon in NYC, Chillhouse has become an authority in modern self-care. From memorable memes to inspired yet comical quotes musing on contemporary life, it makes for a blissful scroll.


Subliming is a feed full of memes, designed with a vintage magazine advertisement vibe. Its context centres on topical thoughts, famous quotes from inspirational individuals, or self-love. You’re sure to have seen one of its posts regrammed from someone you follow.

Reigning Women 

Reigning Women’s bio says, “empowerment, but make it fashion.” That pretty much sums up the account that sets out to inspire women every day to crown themselves.

Hoiisa Lifestyle

This Dubai-based sustainable and honest beauty brand is promoting holistic self-care and body positivity. Its feed, although still in its infancy, features swipeable blog-type content and powerful messages.

Photo: Instagram