I went to a vision board party and it's all I want to do now

Glitter, scrapbooks and a whole heap of intentions. Welcome to 2019's answer to a girls' night in
I went to a vision board party and it's all I want to do now

A few weeks ago, on a group chat with six of my best girlfriends, one of the girls (let’s call her Jessica) sent a message inviting us to what she called a Vision Board Party at her place. If you’re stumped by this, you’re not alone. The remainder of us also had absolutely no clue what she was on about. But, hey - that's where Google steps in.

Here’s the Cliff's Notes version: A Vision Board is a sheet that displays images, phrases and words that represent whatever you want to be or have in your life - essentially, a tool that's used to help you clarify and focus on your life goals. With me so far? Of course, it’s no fun to do this kind of thing alone... enter the party element; people, food, drink and a giant pile of art and craft supplies. Think glue, scissors, coloured pens, glitter and poster-sized paper. It's basically scrapbooking for adults, but with a lot of self-reflection and nachos thrown in.

With all six of us in our mid-to-late 30s, and with failed relationships, surface-level psychological issues and a whole heap of neuroses between us, we approached the night with equal parts trepidation and giddiness.

Jessica took the lead, explaining a few guidelines:

1. Grab an A4-sized piece of paper and take a little time to list the things you want to see reflected in your life in 2019.

2. Make your goals as specific as possible. For example, instead of saying that you want to exercise more, state exactly how many times a week.

3. Once you have the list down, take turns to briefly discuss two or three items on it with the group.

4. Start thumbing through magazines and cutting out images or words to use in your Vision Board.

(Thanks to point three, we were able to pass along images and text to each other that we thought were relevant to each other's boards.)

5. Once you collect all your images, start assembling your board.

6. Present your boards to each other.

What resulted was an inspiring yet hilarious night of revelations. There was the one who wanted to go back to wearing all the lingerie that had been relegated to the back of her drawer. Another wanted to declutter. Someone else wanted to learn to cut ties with toxic people. There were visions of yoga retreats, spontaneous couple's vacations and a wedding that featured a stunningly delicate Monique L’huillier lace dress.

We sat there for four hours, cross-legged on the floor with piles of discarded magazines, paper scraps and empty bowls of chips and dips strewn around us, '90s remixes providing the soundtrack. When our boards - replete with hopes and dreams - were finally completed, we were left with an amazing sense of accomplishment and a renewed urgency to just go for it.

Frankly, it was the most productive girls’ night I’ve ever been to. Since then, one closet has already been Marie Kondo'd, a trip to Amsterdam to see Maroon 5 has been booked, and the process of cutting toxic people loose is well on its way. And while we’re still waiting for ‘The One’ to show up and whisk our friend off into the sunset in her designer wedding dress, we know it’s only a matter of time. After all, you just have to believe in the law of attraction; by using our minds, we are able to attract into our lives whatever we focus on. Perhaps a Vision Board is just the first step to manifesting our dream life. Can’t hurt to try - right?

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