Introducing the world's first self-help book club

Why Shelf Help is the self-development community we never knew we needed
Introducing the world's first self-help book club
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If you've started 2020 anything like us, then by now in the cold light of the new decade, there's a fresh gym membership burning a hole in your bank statement, an earnest attempt at Veganuary in progress, and your unfulfilled goals from 2014 are laughing in the face of your New Year's resolutions. For everyone who's ever wondered whether there's another way to start the year that might be less intimidating and altogether kinder to ourselves then we have good news. 

Meet London-based journalist Toni Jones, Founder of Shelf Help, the world's first self-help book club and community committed to empowering its members through self-help and self-development.

Two years after it started as a local book club in Chiswick, West London, it's grown into a global platform with thousands taking part online via Facebook and Instagram and IRL via meet ups, author events and retreats worldwide with the purpose of "connecting as many people as possible with books, ideas and experts that will inspire positive change in their lives."

Titles Shelf Helpers have explored so far include Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig, The Kindness Method by Sharoo Izadi, and The Anxiety Solution by Chloe Bretheridge.

More from Founder Toni Jones about Shelf Help...

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