Meet the healer Victoria Beckham doesn't want you to know about

Emma Lucy Knowles - healer and author of The Power of Crystal Healing - is Victoria Beckham's secret weapon
Meet the healer Victoria Beckham doesn't want you to know about

“I like to surround myself with positive energy, and so I often have a little collection of crystals in my handbag,” Victoria Beckham revealed. So much so that she’s incorporated crystal jewellery, belt loops and secret pockets into her Pre-Fall 2018 collection as “a nice way to make sure I always have a crystal close by” and called upon the talents of intuitive hands-on crystal healer Emma Lucy Knowles to give readings at her Dover Street flagship in London. Here Emma Lucy shares her spiritual journey, and shares the crystals that will supercharge our lives. Sign us up.

What was your big breakthrough moment when it came to discovering your affinity with crystals?
My spiritual awakening to my gifts at the age of 11 was a challenging one – that’s when I really started to understand their power. When I had no one to reach out to, I used to hold them in my palms, like a stress ball, squeezing so tightly without knowing and I would ask of them to help me. And they did – they mopped up my tears and they gave a comfort I needed, and helped me to sleep when I feared the dark.

Is there a single crystal that’s helped you on your journey more than others? Or is your secret knowing how to harness them all at the right times?
The first crystal I was gifted definitely changed my life and has become like a childhood comfort blanket. Haematite helped me harness a deeper understanding of how to allow the spiritual ‘me’ to connect back with the human ‘me’ and to move through life without feeling so bruised all the time. If I am ever feeling a wobble or a disbelief in myself, I will to connect with it all over again.

Have you ever met a crystal you didn’t get along with?
I go through phases, but I think that’s natural and reflective of where I’m at. Sometimes I will buy a crystal and not use it straight away, then something will turn and there the piece will be perfectly ready waiting patiently. Also if we aren’t ready to shift ‘something out’ we may feel a discomfort or unease with the crystal. I do hear people say outright, “I don’t like that one,” or “I really don’t get along with that,” and that’s cool. As with life, not everything and everyone is for us, but we shouldn’t write it off completely. Just ask that it proves of use and of pure connection when the time is right and keep checking in when it feels right to. 

What’s the biggest rookie error people make when it comes to crystals?
The art of overlooking patience. People often get frustrated as we live in a results-based arena. We want it all here and now, and so if they’re using them in manifestation, they curse them too quickly when the prize doesn’t arrive like their Amazon orders. Manifestation requires crystals, self and spirit, and we have to give that power-combination practice and patience.

Can crystals really be a cure-all or do we all have to take some responsibility ourselves for implementing real change in our lives, and use them to complement our actions?
Totally – they are there to assist and support us, encourage us in our ever changing lives, to highlight those things that make us beautiful and to draw in what we deserve and desire. Equally, when working on our mindset for example, they offer us a safe comfortable and supportive space to look back at ourselves without judgment so that we can heal painful wounds gently.

What would you say to a sceptic?
I have a lot of time for sceptics, so long as they have a question to ask. My route into my path made me very sceptical about myself and my blessings, but over time it gave me a strength because it made me so much more thorough and focused. I think it’s important to have a healthy dose of scepticism if it allows you to question and explore.

Could you possibly picture your life without crystals?
I couldn’t imagine it, really – they’ve been part of my growing up. Even when I had stints of not using them, they were always there – a bit like family, I guess. They led me into my spiritual practices and opened my heart and mind to meditation, which I now teach; led me to a great understanding of what I trust and how I trust – which is why I love the touch therapy and acupuncture – but for me there isn’t anything really like them. They complement every practice I use and have allowed me to deepen my practice or state of being in each.

The Power of Crystal Healing by Emma Lucy Knowles is out now, published by Pop Press

Photos: Getty Images and courtesy of the author