The 5 crystals every Grazia girl needs

Victoria Beckham's go-to crystal whisperer Emma Lucy Knowles has put together the crystal clique that will supercharge our lives. Sign us up!
The 5 crystals every Grazia girl needs

“I like to surround myself with positive energy, and so often have a little collection of crystals in my handbag,” Victoria Beckham revealed. So much so she’s incorporated crystal jewellery, belt loops and secret pockets into her Pre-Fall 2018 collection as “a nice way to make sure I always have a crystal close by” and called upon the talents of intuitive hands-on crystal healer Emma Lucy Knowles to give readings at her Dover Street flagship in London. Here Emma Lucy shares the crystals that will help us smash our goals...

Rainforest Jasper: For having it all

"Peace, happiness, success and a healthy cash flow – how many of these are on your 'Yes please!' list?" asks Emma Lucy. "These four major life goals are often strived after hard – but you’re in luck, as Rainforest Jasper is a game changer. A keen promotor and enabler of them all, use Rainforest Jasper to open doors for you and have confidence in knowing what’s behind them will be more than worth your while."

Citrine: For cultivating your own sunshine

Emma Lucy continues, "Work with Citrine  to overcome self-made obstacles of mind, to remind you how to swim in joy when feeling your being dragged by life’s river. Perhaps you’re dancing into work after a fun-filled weekend that’s left you on a high, but the environment in the office doesn’t reflect your present state of being – rather than vibing down to that level, open your heart and blaze that sunshine to raise the room higher – everyone wins when we share our light!"

OnyxFor detoxing negativity

"Call Onyx into play to transmute the negative into the positive, spring cleaning your internal chatter for a healthy mind to allow for a clearer view of the world and help make the most out of a unhealthy situation," she suggests. "Onyx is a sensational detoxifying crystal and seeks to dispel negativity energy rather than soak it up."

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Labradorite: For raising the roof on your self-esteem

"Labradorite is the master of removal and dispelling –  be it the removal of unwanted energies from the aura or your inner being and raising your energetically make up and innate qualities to the most attractive of levels, to dispelling myths about your looks and features that you hold back." she reveals. "Hold hands with Labradorite to help you hold hands with yourself to show you your beauty in the truest of forms and encourage you to hold yourself warmly, lovingly and honestly when looking back at your reflection in the mirror. Powerful to say the least!"

Turquoise: For empowering communication

"Turquoise is the master in communication which will allow your talents to shine without fear of embarrassment or rejection," Emma Lucy explains. "Allowing turquoise not only to assist you in speaking your truth but also to hear others, will help you flourish as you lead and gainfrom a strong position among a team. Equally turquoise vibes down the interference from technology and balances your mood, promotes clarity for sharp decision making, boosts energy when you’re feeling exhausted or stressed at the same time. A true all-rounder when seeking to change the game!" We'll take one of each please! 

The Power of Crystal Healing by Emma Lucy Knowles is out now on Pop Press

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