The Instagram accounts that won't make you feel bad about yourself

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The Instagram accounts that won't make you feel bad about yourself

As Grazia Middle East’s February issue is dedicated to Self-Love, we decided to tackle social media and bring you accounts you can roll down your feed and feel good about — instead of seeing the different iterations of biker shorts at an IT location with a very causal #ad placement.

Curating a positive space on social media, these accounts will add loving, healing thoughts to your everyday. Get ready to tap ‘follow’ immediately. 

Koreen @werenotreallystrangers

The account which currently sports 1.3 million followers, is headed by L.A based model and artist, Koreen. We’re Not Really Strangers is an online community, where Koreen shares her healing artwork, sometimes in public spaces, filling you with positivity to help you understand a situation, re-assess, and engage you in deep discussions. She also created the WNRS card game to spark meaningful connections with others, which she also shares snippets of on her account.

​Natasha Slater @thedinnerconversations

Serving a well-rounded collection of quotes, The Dinner Conversations is all about “women celebrating women”, as the bio reads. The face behind the account is British PR and events organiser, Natasha Slater, who lives in Milan and works with luxury fashion brands. Her venture, The Dinner Conversations, creates chic events to connect and empower women. Definitely worth following as the posts will make you feel understood and strong - no matter where you live.

Julie Houts @jooleeloren

Chanelling fashion's comic side, Julie Houts draws up illustrations we all can relate to. Her essays open the door behind the appearances of having your life together, crossing the absurdity of real life moments with fashionable looks. In 2017, she published her book, Literally Me, an absolute feel-good, coffee table must-read. Her posts truly uplift your spirit and make you instantly hit the share button to your meme-loving friends.

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