The secret to getting more followers on Instagram revealed

The secret to getting more followers on Instagram revealed

While many of us use Instagram as a fun way to interact with friends or see what our favourite celebrities are up to, the social media platform is a powerful business tool and essential is age of self-promotion.

And this January, marketing powerhouse Briar Prestidge, CEO of Prestidge Group, is sharing her insights on how you can define and develop your personal brand on Instagram as part of Grazia Academy.

Taking place on January 25 at The College of Fashion and Design in Dubai, Briar will also be revealing how to target your audience, nail down a content strategy, boost engagement, and ultimately create a high-profile presence.

Briar Prestidge

“With over 500 million daily uses, the platform offers an excellent opportunity to showcase your expertise, build trust with your desired target audience and influence them to buy your product or service,” she tells Grazia. “Investing in your Instagram presence can help you get noticed, invite media interest, drive sales, and open up doors for new career opportunities.”

Here she predicts her top three trends for the year ahead.


If you think storytelling has nothing on your hard-sell sales tactics, then read up on the ‘Significant Objects Experiment’. As part of this trial, 100 creative writers wrote stories about $129 worth of cheap trinkets, like a globe paperweight, and then sold them on eBay. The results? A net profit of $3.6 million - a 2,700% increase in final markup!

A good story drives emotional value and can transform even insignificant objects into significant ones. We connect with and remember stories and feelings better than facts. Use this to your advantage and make storytelling a part of your Instagram strategy. Go beyond adding a sun emoji to your caption or merely “informing” your audience about what you are doing – instead tell stories that educate, inspire or entertain.

#Media Monitoring

Share your opinion on the news and current events that are happening in the world – the world needs more people who aren’t afraid to speak up. We all respect those who work towards a greater good. Set up Google Alerts to get notified of the latest industry news. LinkedIn also has a new feature that allows you to track and comment on trending topics. Not only will this help you stay relevant and interesting on social media, but it will help you get noticed by the media and will position you as a thought leader in your field.

This is a more scientific way to approach your strategy. The Instagram algorithm promotes and encourages engagement, and to get engagement you need to GIVE. Take pictures with people, tag them, give kudos and congratulations, conduct podcasts, interviews – make your page as human as you can.

While Instagram may be better known for its aesthetic and pretty feed, in 2020 this will all change. I am saying goodbye “Influencers” and their perfectly curated content, and hello (or hello again) to “influential people.” People (and brands) now look for authenticity – the age of filtered, perfectly curated pictures is long gone. Give your feed a personal touch, and use it to showcase your values, experience, talents, beliefs, hopes and dreams for the future.

  • How to Influence on Instagram takes place on January 25, 10am to 4.30pm and costs Dhs900 plus 5% VAT. You can book your place at Grazia Academy here.

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