This is how the KonMari Method can make your meals more joyful

Bringing new meaning to tossed salad...
This is how the KonMari Method can make your meals more joyful
2017 Sandra Zarneshan

If your Pinterest boards are bursting with interiors ideas and stylish ways to set the table, yet you usually resort to eating dinner in front of the TV, don’t despair just yet because home décor e-commerce platform, Maiolica, has joined forces with KonMari Consultant-in-training, Heidi Afifi to create a failsafe tableware formula that is guaranteed to spark joy in your life.

“Getting family and friends reunited around the same table is so much more than just sharing a meal, it’s all about sharing joy. That sense of intimacy, togetherness and sympathy that lays around a dining table is something we learn since childhood,” explains Maiolica Co-Founder Arianna Posenato. “And the ambience is definitely a crucial element that contributes to make these feelings amplified – maybe through colours, patterns and contrasts. As our lives get busier and busier, mealtime with the family and loved ones becomes a celebration of familiarity, and a real necessity for us all.”

Sustainability is the buzzword on everyone’s lips when it comes to everything from haircare to holidays at the moment, and Arianna explains that when it comes to homewares, buying considered items that you will use again-and-again is the key to getting the most from your mealtimes.

Arianna Posenato

“I can see people’s needs and way of conceiving homeware shopping is evolving from a compulsory approach to a more educated, sustainable, demanding approach. We as Maiolica want to drive, lead and contribute to this change to instil even more consciousness in the consumer’s mind, guide them through their choices and shopping experience, in addition to helping them in combining what they have already at home with new objects to give a second life to their belongings and ultimately reduce waste,” she adds.

Her top tips for getting started? Make sure you have everything handy, don’t jam your kitchen with equipment you don’t use and take time to decorate the kitchen.

A viewpoint “born-messy” KonMari Method consultant-in-training Heidi shares: “The simple question, ‘Does this spark joy?’ is asked of every item in our home and if the answer is yes, then the item stays. If the answer is no, then the item should be discarded with a healthy dose of gratitude."

“There’s a kindness to the process, which ultimately results in only being surrounded with the things we love. The KonMari Method isn’t just about achieving order, but it’s an intentional and introspective process that asks you to value yourself and your belongings and to always choose joy," she advises.

Heidi Afifi (pictured right) with KonMari master Marie Kondo

A fan of visualisation, Heidi also advocates that taking the time to imagine your ideal lifestyle is half the battle.

“When you set yourself clear goals, you become much more focused. This makes achieving your goals easier and much more meaningful. Don’t just tidy for the sake of tidying, take the time to gain a deeper understanding of why you’re doing it. Tidying will feel much more fulfilling and you’re less likely to rebound to a messy state again,” she says.

Her final word of advice? “Don’t be so hard on yourself. Marie Kondo has personally admitted to relaxing her exacting standards and shifting her priorities since having children – do the best you can in the time that you have!”

We're feeling more joyful already. 

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