Three books we're grabbing from the self-help shelf this January

Iconic French tips on aging, a modern fantasy and uplifting prose
Three books we're grabbing from the self-help shelf this January

We're a few weeks in the New Year and we can't think of a better way to reboot than hitting up feel-good reads.

Lucky for us, January is serving up some exciting hardcover launches, so whether you opt to get some Vitamin D at the beach this weekend, or stay in the comfort of your home, these books will revamp your energy levels, filling you with positive vibes for 2020 ahead.

Older, but Better, but Older by Caroline de Maigret and Sophie Mas

Teaching us how to be a bit more Parisian, the best friend and co-writer duo, Caroline de Maigret and Sophie Mas are back with another edit. This time more mature, Older, but Better, but Older steps it up to counsel us through the art of being a grown-up woman. Featuting sharp-witted remarks and bubbly commentary on relationships, fashion, family, work, living solo and undertaking our flaws, it’s a universal must-read for all women.

Followers by Megan Angelo

The future of our social media obsessed world? Angelo explores a dystopia fused with friendship and adventure. When two friends forgo ethics in the hopes of finding mega fame for themselves, their dreams suddenly become true. Fast forward to 35 years later, the future world is one in which celebrities are appointed by the government. They all live in a closed California village, on camera 24/7. Things escalate when a woman named Marlow finds out a crushing secret about her past. She is massively popular with 12 million followers, but longs to escape the corporate machine, who would do the most frightful things to retain her on camera. After discovering her family history is a lie, she gathers the courage to run in the name of the truth.  Now, that is quite something to read.

All Along You Were Blooming, Thoughts for Boundless Living by Morgan Harper Nichols

Perhaps, you’ve already seen her inspirational quotes pop up on your phone but for the uninitiated, Instagram poet, Morgan Harper Nichols is now sharing her collection in a book to illuminate us. “A restoration of the heart. A healing of wounds. An anthem of freedom”, so reads the cover. Feeding our souls, the illustrated poems invite us to live fully. The book serves up the perfect soul-candy to wind down after a stressful day.