What it really takes to score membership at Dubai’s most exclusive co-working space

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What it really takes to score membership at Dubai’s most exclusive co-working space

From its location within one of Dubai’s snazziest residential development to its Instagrammable interiors, two pools and fully equipped gym, Dubai members’ club Nasab oozes exclusivity.

But there’s a lot more to the social club slash co-working space than meets the eye, as Marketing Director Ruthie Qadan reveals.

Inspired by the lack of viable co-working options when she launched her own marketing consultancy in 2015, Ruthie spearheaded the idea for Nasab when she started working with KOA Founder and CEO, Mohammed Bin Zaal.

Their shared vision? A space for like-minded creatives to build a community that would help each member develop and grow professionally, inspire new ways of thinking, and foster new, mutually beneficial, working relationships.

But in order to gain access to all of the above, prospective members must undergo a rigorous application process and have their credentials inspected to ensure they’re the right fit, and refreshingly, having thousands of followers on social media doesn’t automatically put you to the top of the list.

Here Ruthie sheds some light on the method behind membership selection.

No suits

"On a functional level, we’re not a corporate workspace and not suited to an accountant or a lawyer who needs a lot of privacy. We have a huge focus on wellness, a huge gym, two pools, sauna and a steam room. People are not coming here to do a 9-5, they want to do more than just work. They want to collaborate and connect with others. The biggest thing for us this year is aligning with other creative industries to make sure our members get access to other creative businesses."

You don’t have to be “established”

"We’re not after social influencers, it’s not about social credentials. Most of our members are in their 30s, are already successful and want to take the next step. I’ve never met so many people who are doing their own thing and starting their own things, and I think it’s because the government are so supportive and there are so many incentives. There’s such a mix of people here in Dubai, and everyone is here to work hard."

Discretion is key

"We’re open and we want people to enjoy the space, but our only guideline is that people are working, and we do have a mix of people, so we want people to be discreet."

And if all else fails, try to befriend a current member

"All members get two guest passes per month so they can bring friends to Nasab."

  • To apply for membership or find out more informtion, visit Nasabdubai.com for more information 

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