When Missoni met The Modist

What better way to celebrate International Women's Day - and the luxury modest-dressing online destination's first birthday - than by welcoming Missoni into the Modist family?
When Missoni met The Modist

Grazia meets Ghizlan Guenez, Founder and CEO of The Modist, to discover more about this meaningful meeting of minds

Why was it important to you to bring Missoni on board?
It’s hard to think of a curation of the best brands out there in the luxury space and not think of Missoni. It’s a brand with heritage, legacy and it is beloved by the woman who knows and loves fashion. There is a beautiful and organic alignment between Missoni and The Modist – we appeal to a diverse array of women across age groups whether she is 20 or 60. You just have to take one look at Rosita, Angela and Margherita, to see how a brand like Missoni can impeccably dress women across generations while allowing each of them to express herself and her individual style.

What it is about the Missoni aesthetic that resonates with The Modist and The Modist customer?
Curating a modest selection for our woman from the Missoni collections has been a truly enjoyable process and the choices have been limitless. You can clearly see how there is a lot of thought put into the diversity of women when the collections are designed, and how the modest dresser is part of that thinking. The brand’s aesthetics also appeal to our woman who enjoys colour, prints and the uniqueness and timelessness that Missoni has been known for.

What values does The Modist share with Missoni?
I believe that we share our passion and knowledge of the woman who we speak to and the dedication to offer her what is relevant to her. We also share the fact that both our brands have a strong sense of purpose and are built by women for women.

Missoni never followed trends. Do you feel the same about your mission with The Modist?
Completely. We are the first multibrand site in the luxury space for women who dress modestly and much of what we are doing is uncharted territory, not least our mission of changing perceptions and stereotypes on modesty. We are defining our own way of doing things in a manner that is authentic to our purpose and that is relevant to the woman we have built The Modist for.

What lessons does The Modist have to learn from the longevity and the legacy of the house of Missoni?
It’s simply remarkable what the Missoni family has built and how Missoni is a brand that is admired and loved by women across the globe today. The ability to grow and build such an incredible business while staying so true and authentic to the brand and to its aesthetics is a lesson in authenticity and consistency.

What message would you like to give Grazia readers for International Women’s Day?
We are living through a very exciting moment for women and are seeing women across the globe owning and claiming their narrative. My dream and hope for women is that the day will come when we no longer have to talk about feminism or empowering women, because once we have achieved gender equality these topics will become absolutely redundant. 

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Photo: Fabien Breuil