Why collaging is the new meditation

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Why collaging is the new meditation
Dolce & Gabbana

Of all the cortisol-lowering offerings the blessed wellness movement has provided us with, nothing wards off stress quite as effectively as meditation (though we’re sure laying bare in fermented hay comes close).

But for those of us who aren’t keen on sitting half lotus on pillows for half an hour every day, traditional meditation can feel restrictive and uncomfortable. Handy then, that as of today, there’s another meditation trick you can add to your self-care tool kit: collaging.

Collaging is the art of arranging photographs, fabric and other ephemera on a surface. Much like traditional meditation, making collage art invites you to step into the present moment, unplug from your everyday concerns, and focus deeply on what’s in front of you.

And even if you opt to make a collage of, say, Harry Styles’ face (no judgement), just the practice of focusing on art while calmly observing your thoughts and feelings can reduce stress, increase sel­­f-awareness, and deepen empathy towards others. Here’s how to do it.

Prepare your materials

The best thing about collaging is that you can use just about anything lying around your house, from catalogs, to magazines, to your partner's sports memorabilia (just kidding). A bit of outside-the-box thinking helps too - flowers and bits of fabric are also great collaging materials.

No distractions

The messages, memes, and Instagram notifications can wait. Put your phone away, let go of your everyday thoughts and do your best to focus on your art. Starting by cutting out your materials can help direct your attention away from any stressful thoughts and towards your activity.

Map your piece

Laying out your collage before gluing it down is often the most meditative portion of the experience. Reconsidering and reworking pieces can help you maintain your focus while calmly observing and releasing any thoughts you may be having. Periodically asking yourself how your work makes you feel can also help you remain centered.

Glue it down

Once you’re satisfied with your art, it’s time to set it permanently in place. Now, not only will you have channelled your energy into siezing some peace, but you’ll have a killer artwork for your walls as well. 

Photos: Instagram, Unsplash and supplied