Why I swear by sound healing

Grazia Editor in Chief Alison Tay on the alternative therapy that’s her best self-care secret
Why I swear by sound healing

Transforming my apartment into a living sonic chamber for the evening is my biggest luxury, most direct form of self-care, and quickest shortcut to switching up my vibration.

As much as I’d like to tell you I had my gong-meditation epiphany during a life-changing trip to a remote retreat in Koh Samui, I’m embarrassed to admit I first discovered sound healing with Marko Zigon on a fitness class app in Dubai. I soon found myself in a group session in a yoga studio downtown with half a dozen others, one of whom had nodded off and proceeded to snore loudly over the otherwise soothing chimes of the Himalayan singing bowls.

Not gonna lie, I went into that first session fuming about a particular situation that was out of my control, so I focused on finding acceptance. By the time the hour was up, I switched phone back on to find a voicemail that gave me the peace I was seeking – which showed me the possibilities of the process.

I’m not a natural meditator, so I rely on sound healing to shift that responsibility to the sound waves when my mind and body don’t want to cooperate, even though Marko believes that in this process, I’m the healer and he’s the facilitator.

These days, I opt for one-to-one sessions because they force me to fully focus and articulate my emotional or physical needs before the session so Marko can choose the appropriate tools from his arsenal of tuning forks, crystal and Himalayan bowls and gongs baths, to ensure we address them.

Setting an intention - whether it’s to create a sense of calm before a difficult conversation, or for a surge of strength when I’m feeling vulnerable - helps us shape the experience together, and gives me an active role in the process.

For a less confronting experience, group meditation and even all-night gonging sessions are available. Other people’s snoring notwithstanding, physical and emotional benefits can include higher levels of energy, relief from anxiety and an improved ability to express emotions.

The idea of healing being a collaborative process rather than something you have to seek outside yourself is probably the most powerful lesson on our journey towards self-discovery and development.

In a world, society, and industry that takes to the extreme with little regard for the resources that remain, sound healing is a limitless source of renewable energy that our bodies, minds and souls so desperately need.