Why wellness hour is the new happy hour

We're trading rush-hour traffic for a daily dose of zen and (predictably), we've never been happier
Why wellness hour is the new happy hour

Picture this: it’s 6pm, you’re hungry, irritable (but won’t admit it out loud), and in need of a solid three-day nap. You know that if you go home, you’ll be facing an endless stream of emails until you inevitably fall asleep in front of Netflix. Well, well, well(ness) - have we got the solution for you.

Wellness hour is replacing that time of day where you’d normally be rushing home or making your 8th cup of coffee to stay late at the office. It’s time to put that hour to good use, and by that we mean using it to unwind and relax. Plus, planning your wellness hour at the end of the day means missing rush-hour traffic, so it’s a win-win if you ask us. It’s your hour and you can fill it with any activity that helps you achieve calm and relaxation, whether you’re a yoga fanatic or dream of spas in your afternoon meetings.

Relax and Unwind

Nothing says relaxation quite like a trip to the spa, and we’ve found one with ‘wellness’ in the title! The resident favourite (and a favourite of everyone else, too) Talise Spa has various wellness experiences to detox you of your day. The experiences range from a Chakra body treatment that incorporates ancient massage techniques with crystal healing, to an infrared sauna that enhances the detoxing ability of your cells, leading to boosted immunity and an increased metabolism.

Soothing Chakra Body Treatment, Dhs650. Infrared Sauna, Dhs92. www.jumeirah.com

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Bikram Yoga, otherwise known as hot yoga, is exactly that – hot. It entails doing yoga in a heated room to maximise the many health benefits – including weight loss, heart health, mental health and stress relief. Yogi-hotspot Dryp offers a Hot Yin Candlelight yoga class, which focuses on slow-paced, deep stretching to increase energy flow and release stress and negative emotions.

Pay by class if you’re a “Commitment Phobe” (Dhs105), or by package, depending on whether you’re “The Dabbler Type” (Dhs185) “The Coffee-Date Type” (Dhs735) or the “Getting Serious Type” (Dhs840). Honestly, we’d sign up just for the names.


Mind Over Matter

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by daily tasks and juggling the responsibilities of work, family and friends, practicing mindfulness may be the perfect solution for you. In a fast-paced city where you’re always planning the next move, it’s easy to forget to live in the moment. Practicing mindfulness techniques allows you to become more positive by being present in your daily life, and teaches you how to cope best with stressful situations throughout the day.

Mindfulness Meditation, The Lighthouse Center for Wellbeing

Have a Smashing Time

Looking for a more direct way to combat stress? Does the thought of sitting still for an hour make you more stressed than your deadlines? Enter: The Smash Room. For those particularly rough days, you can unleash your frustrations and take a baseball bat to TVs, computers, glass items and pretty much everything else. Is your work BFF stressed too? Bring them along for the ride – up to three people are allowed per group.

From Dhs99, The Smash Room

Photos: Unsplash and Instagram