Why you need to stop everything and write a desire statement

Dubai-based Performance Coach Blake Sergeant tells Grazia exactly why a piece of paper could really change everything...
Why you need to stop everything and write a desire statement
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If you had your very own genie, what would you wish for?

Perhaps this question shouldn’t be seen as fantastical and childish at all. If we put aside the obvious - a bottomless bank account/ perfect body/ unlimited pairs of Louboutins - how clear are you really on what you actually want from every area of your life?

For instance: what would a good relationship look like to you? How about your career, or your health? How do you want to feel? Most of us don't spend enough - or any - time truly seeking clarity on these questions, meaning we're not currently living on purpose and building a life by design - we're just going with the flow.

If we stay within the lines of what we can actually control and influence, there are still endless actions we can take to step towards creating a life which is rich in every area. First things first, though. If we don’t start by deciding what we want to create, then how can we build it? Enter the desire statement; quite simply, the statement of everything we desire! Here's how to write one...

  • Split your life into eight areas: career, finance, personal growth, health, family, relationships, social, and attitude
  • Get clear on what you want in each area by starting with what you don’t want. For example: "I don’t want to worry about bills", "I don't want to feel disconnected from my partner", "I don't want to feel low on energy."
  • Flip your don’t wants into do wants. "I want to see my abs", "I want to be financially stable."
  • Turn your lists into a story by...
  • Picking a date about 12 months from now
  • Writing your story in the present tense as if it has already happened using emotive and conversational language

A desire statement is so much more powerful than a vision board, it is way more specific and the action of reading it every day imprints it into your subconscious making manifestation way more likely.

But isn’t this just some wishful-thinking nonsense, we hear you cry? Well, actually, there's a whole load of science to support it.

For every second you're conscious, your brain has over one billion pieces of information available to process. It discards the overwhelming majority of what is sees and filters only the 2,000 pieces of information that it deems relevant to you.

If you don't set your brain’s antenna - known as you reticular activating system - to focus on what serves you, your brain will make its best guess on where to focus and most of the time we're so focused on what we don’t want, that we just end up seeing more of that.

The desire statement is your vehicle to drive home the story of your dreams, values and desires to your brain's antenna, so that the subconscious part of your brain can now start working with you to seek out the things you want rather than working against you.

In my role as a performance coach, I've used this with people from all walks of life, including award-winning business owners, people in rehab and Olympic athletes.

So my advice to you would be to write and read a desire statement daily to engage the power of your subconscious and set your brain's antenna so that your success can become effortless. Maybe those dreams you harbour aren't as far from possible as you believe.

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Photo: @showmeyourplanner