You'll Never Guess How Jaden Smith Celebrated His Birthday...

Hint: it wasn't with a pool party

How did you celebrate your 22nd birthday? Personally, I went Go Karting followed by a round of Laser Quest that got so competitive that my brother and I didn't speak for several months afterwards. Unless you also have the hobbies of a teenage boy, you probably didn't do that. But you also probably didn't launch a vegan pop-up food truck serving free meals on Skid Row, an area in Los Angeles that contains one of the Unites States largest homeless populations. 

The "I Love You Restaurant" is just the latest in Jaden's philanthropic efforts which include PROJECT ZAMBI, an initiative to support programs that provide direct services to children orphaned by AIDS in Africa...

Yep, at 22 Jaden Smith is a far better human than I'll ever be.