The Amazon rainforest is on fire and no one is talking about it


For the last three weeks the Amazon Rainforest has been burning. The lungs of our planet are being destroyed. This is a code red situation that has been ignored for almost a month. Now, during the dry season forest fires are common and take place every year. Perhaps this is the cause of the lack of media attention. However, 2019 has seen an abnormal amount of fires, more than double the number of fires than in 2013. This accounts for an 84 per cent increase compared to the same period in 2018 according to NASA and NOAA satellites. The damage and size of the fire has thrown Brazil into a dark period, thick smoke looms over the country and caused a daytime blackout in São Paulo on Monday.

Justifiably, social media is outraged - shocked that media has not covered the crisis. People have been quick to point out the difference between the responses to the Notre Dame burning compared to the forest that accounts for 20 per cent of Earth’s oxygen supply.

People are banding together to raise awareness on the issue and the hashtag #PrayForTheAmazon is now trending on twitter. We at Grazia are distraught at the state of the fires and our planet at large. In solidarity and as an attempt to raise awareness, we have changed our social media avatars to orange - the colour of the force that is destroying the very thing that keeps us, and many animals, alive. 

If you want to try and support our planet, you can use the search engine Ecosia. The ad revenue from your searches is used by Ecosia to plant new trees as an attempt to reverse the damage done by humans. 

If you would like live updates follow the Burns Program found here.

Images: Twitter