The best organising ideas Marie Kondo has ever reposted

Up your storage game with these Kondo-approved hacks
The best organising ideas Marie Kondo has ever reposted

2019 was truly Marie Kondo’s year. Sure, she’d already sold 11 million books before it, but the release of her Netflix show marked a new level of fame for the tidying guru.

While she’s now accrued just about every title you can think of; bestselling author, business owner, meme extraordinaire, to name a few, we mustn’t forget what she’s best known for – organising.

So when she reposts another organising expert's work to her own Instagram, you know they're onto something special. Lucky for you, we raided her Instagram to bring you the best organising ideas that have her stamp of approval.

Children ≠ Messy home

“If you cannot bring yourself to part with your child’s creations, don’t force yourself to discard them. Designate a specific corner for displaying these works. Once you have enjoyed them to the fullest, you can thank them and then discard guilt free.”

The Hobby Hub

Hobby supplies can look messy, but that doesn't mean they should be stowed away in the back of a closet. Organisation blogger @littlestronghome put all her hobby related komono in a single storage trolley that can be wheeled to wherever creativity strikes. She also added small labelled buckets to keep the spot from becoming a crayon free-for-all.

The Sideways Stack

Vertical folding makes it much easier to max out shelf space, get things out, and to see what you have (especially in drawers where things are forgotten at the bottom of piles). Standing linen up straight prevents your storage space from becoming a giant jumble of fabric.

The Garage Grid

Drawing a blank on how to store all those bulky outdoor items that won’t fit neatly in a basket? @Nicoleloit has got just the answer: arrange everything on a pegboard and attached little mesh baskets to hold smaller items like balls and chalk.

The Battery Bank

We all have that one drawer – you know the one; a couple batteries knocking around between broken screws, dull scissors and instruction manuals for things you’ve never owned. @Hellocorral recommends gathering all of the loose batteries around your house and place them in a small kit intended for nails and screws, organising them by size.

The To-do Tray

Important paperwork doesn’t always have to end up in a dog-eared pile at the corner of your desk.’s filing system pushes productivity by classifying things in order of action.

The Perfect Pantry

A tidy pantry = a happy kitchen. Re-package as many things as you can to create uniformity and max out your shelf space by stacking smaller containers. Designate buckets to hold items that can’t be taken out of their packaging.

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