The Brazilian government has responded to the cries of the Amazon

But is it enough?

At last the Brazilian government has responded to the international outrage over the Amazon fires, which have been raging for weeks.

After three weeks of burning, international media picked up on the story, which saw global outcry and pleas to send help to extinguish the devastating fires.

Some 44,000 troops were deployed in Brazil’s Amazon region on Saturday, heading to the state of Rondonia. A total of four states have asked for federal government support to strengthen their firefighting efforts.

Brazilian ministers made advancements following an order from the president – to take measures to survey and combat the relentless fires with the goal of “preservation and defence of the Amazon forest, our national heritage”.

In addition, concerns over the Amazon fires are being raised at the G7 summit held in France from Saturday 24 August to Monday 26 August featuring the world’s leaders.

Hopefully the government’s efforts are effective and save what is left of Earth’s lungs - the Amazon provides about 20% of the world's oxygen, and the fires have been ravaging the forests for more than three weeks.

Images: Twitter