The fashion talent of tomorrow debuted their collections at the ESMOD Dubai graduate show

A closer look at what Dubai fashion graduates have to offer
The fashion talent of tomorrow debuted their collections at the ESMOD Dubai graduate show

Last month at City Walk, ESMOD DUBAI graduates had a chance to display their final collections. All seventeen collections can be viewed at ESMOD DUBAI and will be exhibited in the Best of Show 2019 Exhibition at Pôlette, ESMOD DUBAI’s fashion incubator in City Walk this October. The collections focused on an array of topics, including Emirati heritage, ethical fur and sustainable fashion.

Co-Founder of ESMOD DUBAI Tamara Hostal commented: “It was a true honor to watch the graduate’s three years of hard work culminate in to such an electrifying presentation on Thursday night. The ESMOD DUBAI graduates represent Dubai’s latest batch of fashion talent who are working tirelessly to put Dubai on the map of internationally recognized fashion design". 

'La Bohéme' by Ola Suleiman

Suleiman's collection explored timeless elegance through the use of traditional lace and ornamentation. She shows how far a neutral palette can go, proving that feminity comes in all types of styles.

'Each Sold Seperately*' by Aynoor Elhibre

Aynoor's collection was a Barbie fashionista extravaganza that our younger selves (ok, and our current selves) are in awe over.

'WIP (Work In Progress)' by Obaid Razzak

Obaid Razzak was inspired by Dubai - both it's expats and blue collar workers. He highlights that all of our lives are works in progress and an experience to learn and develop from. He created his collection as an homage to the workers, taking inspiration from their uniforms, who reflect the development of Dubai and our internal strifes.

There are many other phenomenal collections that truly capture the creativity found in the UAE's budding designers. A unique voice is found in each of the collections which makes for a diverse and rich experience. You would be missing out on a celebration of culture and creation if you don't experience the designs for yourself, so make sure to visit City Walk's october exhibition.

Left: 'Newtopia' by Karishma Metha Middle and Right: 'Azur' by Cécile Biscaglia

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