We got a pro iPhone photographer to teach kids how to take great pics of their mums

This Mother’s Day we treated three mums to a one-of-a-kind photo shoot and it was about as cute as expected
We got a pro iPhone photographer to teach kids how to take great pics of their mums

Omaira strikes a pose while the girls practice their photography skills

What’s the Gen-Z version of drawing a picture of your family? iPhone photography of course. That’s why to celebrate Mother’s Day, we took out three mums – Emilie Jacob, Nesha Thurley and Omaira Al Farooq and their daughters to take some spectacularly unique family portraits. The results are – as you can see – adorable.

For the project, the five children – Stella, Alia, Iman, Sara and Sienna – got behind the camera at Dubai Miracle Garden and learnt some pro tips from iPhone XS expert, Debbie Fortes to help take the perfect Mother’s Day portrait.

Fancy creating your own? Here’s Debbie’s advice for getting the kids involved – or just to take better photos yourself.

Emilie and her daughter Stella

Clean your camera

Every time you shoot, be sure to give the lens a quick clean. Because our phones usually live in our pockets or bag, it’s easy for the lens to become dirty quickly with fingerprints or dust. So make it a habit to check the camera lens and clean it before any shoot, just to ensure it’s not fogged up and risk losing your perfect shots.

Nesha shot by her daughter

The perfect lighting

The best way to ramp up the professional quality of your images is to get outside. The best light to take photos in is always sunlight. Go outdoors, turn off your flash and replace it with natural light whenever possible. This allows you to capture all the details in better lighting and gives your shot a natural look and feel.

Omaira shot by her daughters

Pick a background that pops

To get the right celebratory feel in your Mother’s Day portraits you need to make your portraits pop with vivid colours and beautiful smiles. The best photography advice is to choose colourful backgrounds that reflect the way you feel on that day.

Omaira and her three daughters, Alia, Iman and Sara

Lock focus and exposure

If you are taking photos with children, tell them to lock the focus and exposure point, press and hold on the screen until you see AE/AF Lock. This ensures that they get sharp shots of their subjects. 

Emilie shot by her daughter 

Turn on the grid

Always start off by turning on the grid in the camera settings. This will help you decide how to break up the image composition.

Omaira shot by her daughters

Take artistic portraits like a pro

Use Portrait Mode on your iPhone XS to capture those intimate portraits. Simply, put your iPhone on Portrait Mode and make use of the artistic effects the phone offers such as Natural Light, Studio Light, Contour Light, Stage Light and Stage Light Mono.


Use iPhone camera colour filters

Your iPhone camera has beautiful nine colour filters that you can play around with to get different results. I usually prefer to use the original filter as it gives me more freedom to edit the images afterwards.

Nesha and her daughter Sienna

Editing your portraits

To prevent wasting a beautiful shot, try controlling the picture’s background by adjusting the depth of your shot to your liking. Choose the edit button on the upper right and it will automatically give you options for the level of depth you’d like your photo to be. 

Photos: Supplied