Who's that girl? Rana Nawas

Entrepreneur committed to empowering and elevating women; this English educated Emirati is a force to be reckoned with...
Who's that girl? Rana Nawas

As any Grazia reader should know, we are committed to supporting, celebrating and empowering our fellow females. And there is certainly no shortage of incredible, innovative women to be inspired by. One of which is most definitely the inimitable Rana Nawas; entrepreneur, keynote speaker, strategic advisor and host of the iTunes' number 1 podcast in the Middle East.

When it comes to feminism in the UAE, few fight harder than Rana. 

Born in England to a Palestinian father and Lebanese mother, Rana Nawas grew up like many Western-educated Arabs facing the dichotomy of liberal and traditional values. An engineering degree at Oxford University led her into a high-flying and highly successful corporate career which, in an amazing if on-paper counter-intuitive move, she abandoned in 2017 after being "jolted to the reality of gender inequality." Since then Rana has focused on leading the charge in rewriting policies and helping women rise in their professional and personal lives.

As she explains, "I do this in 5 ways: through my podcast When Women Win, by running Ellevate Dubai, through keynote speeches, through workshops and as a strategic advisor to corporations on gender parity."

There is no short way to sum up Rana Nawas. For that matter, there's no long way to sum her up. But for the purposes of this piece, we attempt to do so and strongly advice you all to check out Rana's podcast, website and basically monitor her every game changing move.

1. Since 2017, Rana has spoken in front of mixed audiences on diverse topics and hosted workshops on a variety of hard and soft skills with her talks being labelled by big business players and press alike as “thought-provoking”, “fact-driven” and “inspiring”.

2. One of the most respected and revered consultants in the Middle East, Rana's influence has allowed her to have an impact on the gender equality policies of numerous multinational corporations, several of which she now advises on their diversity and inclusion strategies.

3. Rana Nawas is the president of Ellevate Dubai, a chapter of the world’s oldest businesswomen’s network, Ellevate.

4. Most of her work hours go into producing her chart-topping podcast, When Women Win, on which female role models and boss ladies from around the world share their inspirational stories and practical tools they used to succeed.

5. When Women Win has hosted Hala Gorani, Donna Benton, Mona Ataya, HRH Princess Tessy Antony, Dr. Auma Obama to name but a few. The podcast is now listened to in 144 countries and you can catch it on any Emirates Airlines flight through their ICE entertainment system

Rana Nawas, we at Grazia salute you. 

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