Work Wisdom: How can I optimise my home workspace?

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Work Wisdom: How can I optimise my home workspace?

Monica Arango is the Co-Founder of C'est Ici

Among the pivots many of us have had to perform in 2020, working from home has probably been the most universal, and for some the most challenging. 

Colombian-born, Dubai-based lawyer-turned-interior designer Monica Arango is the Co-Founder of C'est Ici - an interior design and interior fit-out company in UAE that specialises in luxury home and office makeovers.

Monica tells Grazia, "To optimise your home office space we suggest to choose your space wisely, considering noise and light.​ You may wish to choose a room with a set of keys for when you need some privacy for conference calls without the little ones bursting through the door mid-meeting!"

Monica suggests surrounding yourself with fresh greenery

She continues, "We advise to place your desk near natural light by a window which helps increase concentration and keeps you motivated. Your office chair must be comfortable; anything hard or plastic will not last you the whole day. A wide worktop with plenty of space to lay out your documents and anything else you need is also advisable."

Creating the right mood is also key, according to Monica: "Activate your senses with your favourite candle or room diffuser. Pick daily greens from your garden or add some fresh flowers. Keep your water bottle and mug for tea or coffee to hand for refills throughout the day, aside from the interiors it is key to stay hydrated. Above all, with your workspace, be creative and reinvent the existing."

To connect with C'est Ici, email

For a consultation with Monica email or call +971 55 881 5326 or +971 58 526 1712.

Photos: Natelee Cocks