You need to see these super ‘grammable plant-filled coffee tables

Hackney Botanical’s coffee tables do more than hold magazines – they hold everyone’s attention too
You need to see these super ‘grammable plant-filled coffee tables

In case nature isn’t quite accessible this season, Hackney Botanical is bringing the nature to you – in the mosquito-free recesses of the indoors.

The London-based “plantscaping” company has dreamt up an insanely Instagram-worthy collection of seven coffee tables that double up as indoor gardens.

Using salvaged antique sash-windows as table tops, reclaimed wood for the base, and mid-century hairpin legs, the terrarium tables are a sustainable dream come true.

"The windows are Victorian, and were constructed at a time when durability and longevity was inherent in design," explained Hackney Botanical's founder Rose Worrell.

"They have stood the test of time, and although they are no longer needed for their original purpose, their quality stood out to us as integral to the tables."

Designed to require minimal maintenance, according to Worrell, the tables are “practically kill-proof”, which is music to the ears of those of us who kill everything they touch.

A different miniature ecosystem is created within each table, with plants being carefully paired to ensure their happy co-existence.  This in turn means different tables lend themselves to different indoor environments, from warm and sunny, to cool and shady.

"Studies have shown that indoor plants improve our overall health and happiness – I think that’s doubly true if you're nurturing them and watching them grow, so that's half of the fun of having one of these tables," Worrell explains. We couldn’t agree more.

Photos: Instagram and Unsplash