4 ways Malala is redefining how we should use Instagram

Female education activist, Nobel Peace Prize winner… and now Instagram expert?
4 ways Malala is redefining how we should use Instagram

As a campaigner for girls' education and Nobel Prize winner, it been difficult keeping in mind that Malala Yousafzai is indeed still a university student in her 20s... until now, that is. Marking her 21st birthday Malala joined social-media platform Instagram, and this is what we're already learning from it...

1. Talking about your values can actually involve more than just hashtivism

In fact, it can also be more than overpriced feminist-slogan tees and empowered captions in jaunty fonts.

Viewing her feed as more than just the disjointed window-shopping experience running rampant across Instagram, Malala uses it as a platform to remind us not only of her beliefs, but also of what measures are actually being taken to make a difference and put those beliefs into action.

“More than 1.5 million girls are out of school in [Brazil] – and they deserve the chance to choose their own future,” she writes, “Malala Fund is investing around US$700,000 in education activists in Brazil. We want to help them ensure that every girl in this country gets 12 years of free, safe, quality education”... which is probably a better caption than most of us have ever written.

2. Photos don’t always have to be a documentation of how cute you looked that day

In the midst of Instagram’s narcissistic obsession with OOTDs, Malala issues the photographic equivalent of a breath of fresh air. Posting a self-portrait and mural, she shares her humble hope to exist not as a celebrity but as a reminder for viewers that “girls everywhere are fighting for change in their communities and countries — their stories must also be heard”… which is miles better than reminding people to use your clothing discount code.

3. It’s time to take down the Instagram trickery

As entertaining (and moderately envy-inducing) as it might be to scroll through feeds with endless too-blue-to-be-true oceans and unnervingly wide-brimmed sunhats, we’re tired of this Instagram trickery. And so is Malala, it seems.

Not about appearances, Malala’s feed shares an honest look into her life and home, complete with wholesome photos of her friends, and those she campaigns for... with (thankfully) not a single filter in sight.

4. We should just get rid of selfies altogether

Controversial, we know. It’s time the 21st-century version of the ‘Schrödinger’s Cat’ debate is brought to its demise; if you didn’t take a selfie, you were, in fact, still actually there. If it works for Malala, right?

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