Five Reasons Why Lizzo Is Always Our Number One

The music powerhouse tops the Billboard Hot 100 chart
Five Reasons Why Lizzo Is Always Our Number One

Superstar singer Lizzo might just be the busiest woman in pop right now, and the works paying off as her single 'Truth Hurts' hit the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart last night. The 'break-up' song empowers the listener to love themselves regardless of their relationship status and is in-line with the confidence-building messaging that Lizzo has become famous for. 

A leading advocate of body positivity, Lizzo is also contributing to the gender and race imbalance in the charts, and is one of only five black women to reach the number one spot in the last decade.  

Lizzo is quickly becoming a champion for change and we celebrate that. So, here's five reasons why everyone should love the newest queen of pop as much as we do...

1) She's a fighter 

Truth Hurts was originally released by a then unknown Lizzo exactly two years ago and failed to make any real impact on the charts. Not one to give up she worked even harder to follow her dreams. So this number one is even sweeter than we first thought.

2) Her Glastonbury Mantra

Getting a crowd of over 30,000 people (not quite the '16 million thousand' Lizzo cited) at the world's biggest festival to chant "I love you, you are beautiful and you can do anything" was as moving as it was inspiring. 

3) She's emotionally honest

In an attempt to help others, Lizzo opened up about her battle with depression, talking about her struggles with rejection and inadequacy. The post, that saw her in tears as she discussed feelings of sadness received thousands of messages of gratitude for her honesty.

4) Beyonce is a fan

Queen Bey who turns 38 today, celebrated her birthday early by sneaking onto the side of stage at Lizzo's Made In America festival gig earlier this week, she sang and danced along while the star performed her hits. 

5) She's made playing the flute cool

This video of Lizzo at the BET awards (complete with Rihanna dancing along) went viral and made us all want to pick up our old school instrument.