Jennifer Aniston has finally joined Instagram and people are freaking out

And she’s getting by with a little help from her friends…
Jennifer Aniston has finally joined Instagram and people are freaking out

These days it’s rare for a celebrity to not be on Instagram, and it seems Jennifer Aniston is the latest A-lister to feel the pressure to join the social media platform.

Posting to her account for the very first time, the Friends actress decided to mark her social media debut with a group selfie, but Jennifer Aniston being Jennifer Aniston, it wasn’t your run-the-mill kind.

Featuring the rest of the Friends cast, she captioned the shot: ‘And now we’re Instagram FRIENDS too. HI INSTAGRAM’.

While the quality of the picture isn’t that great and Jen clearly has a trick or two to learn about filters, she’s quickly amassed over 6.1 million followers and counting, and the comments have blown up with several famous faces voicing their support.

“Whoa girl!!!! Here we go!” Kate Hudson wrote, while Lisa Kudrow who famously played Phoebe Buffet shared, “Woo hoo! WOOooooOOO!!”

Similarly, Gwyneth Paltrow typed, “THIS IS HUGEEEEEE”, and TV host Ellen DeGeneres quipped, “I’m so glad they’re still there for you.”

Reese Witherspoon who played her sister on the hit ‘90s show, singer Dolly Parton, and Friends alumni David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc and Courtney Cox all posted shout outs to Jen’s new account on their own Instagram pages.

And the furore even caused the platform to temporarily crash.

Watch out Kim Kardashian, it seems there’s a new Hollywood star who is breaking the internet.

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