Katy Perry is celebrating her birthday in lavish style in Egypt

No sign of fireworks though
Katy Perry is celebrating her birthday in lavish style in Egypt

When you’re one of the world’s most famous popstars, celebrating your birthday with cake or a dinner out just won’t do.

Which is probably why Katy Perry and 60 of her closest friends are ringing in her 35th birthday in true celebrity style in Cairo.

Taking to Instagram to reveal highlights from her trip, the singer shared that she has been spending the last few days visiting the pyramids and enjoying a desert safari, as part of a 10-day-cruise around Egypt.

However it hasnt been all fun and games - the singer also got philosophical as she took in the sights of the pyramids, taking to the social media platform to share some thoughts with her followers.

“Ancient Egyptians believed that when you pass on your heart had to be weighed. It had to be lighter than a feather to be qualified for the trip to the afterlife. My mother has called me feather since I was a little girl and I hope after all is said and done my heart is as light as one. This is 35,” she captioned a series of photos of her posing in front of the ancient structures with fiancé Orlando Bloom.

In another series of shots posted to her 86.3 million followers, the American Idol judge revealed that the group took an exotic camel ride through the desert on another evening dressed in a metallic gold gown, as you do.

“This is living,” she detailed in the caption.

Orlando has also been sharing insights from their trip on his Instagram page, and revealed that his mum, Sonia Copeland who is travelling with them is celebrating her birthday with the group.

“Egyptian magic got my heart open to a download of love for my Scorpio’s wonder women both celebrating their birthday,” he wrote.

Photos: Instagram