Kim Kardashian And Mario Dedivanovic Are Finally Teaming Up for Another Collab

The dream team returns
Kim Kardashian And Mario Dedivanovic Are Finally Teaming Up for Another Collab
Photo: @kkwbeauty

If you are, in fact, keeping up with the Kardashians, chances are you know about Kim Kardashian's makeup artist and friend, Mario Dedivanovic. You would also know that the last time the dreamy duo teamed up back in March 2018 for a KKW Beauty collection, the products sold out faster than you can say "Okurrrr".

As it turns out, there's good news for those of us who weren't quick enough to snag some goodies the first time around: KKW x Mario 2.0 is just around the corner. And it goes without saying that we’re excited.

Dedivanovic took to his Instagram to share the exciting news about the new drop, titled KKW x Mario: The Artist & Muse. This edition of the collab is inspired by their relationship as makeup artist and influencer throughout the years.

"This collection means the world to me," Dedivanovic wrote, before praising Kardashian's industry-changing vision. "For the past 11+ years, Kim has not only been a muse to me, she's been a source of inspiration to an entire generation of beauty lovers around the world."

While the entire range has yet to be revealed, Dedivanovic did share two products. The first is a matte nude lipstick named "He's a Mixer", which was inspired by Mario’s methods of getting the perfect lip look. “He uses his hand as a palette to customize my perfect shade of pencil, lipstick and gloss - he’s a mixer,” says Kim. The second is an eyeshadow palette that Dedivanovic says would be the one thing he'd take “on a deserted island with Kim”. Enough said.

In a heartfelt post, Dedivanovic said, "With this collection and campaign I wanted to personally honour [Kim] and to thank her on behalf of every boy and girl out there who’s life she’s touched in some way. She is my muse and she is our muse. ♥️ I hope I make you all proud." We're not crying, you are.

The collection will be released on 22nd November 12pm PST, so mark your calenders!

Photos: Instagram