Who's That Girl? Marina Ruy Barbosa

Meet the 21st century screen siren team Grazia all want to be...

Marina Souza Ruy Barbosa Negrão is a Brazilian actress, flame haired bombshell and all round superstar in the making. At just 9 years old she had her first starring role in the hit telenovela, Começar de Novo. As a telenovela obsessive, amateur speaker of Latin languages and BIG fan of subtitles, I intend to binge watch all of it before revisiting my girl Marina's epic instagram account... Hashtag stalker alert. But on the real, I'd highly suggest you check it out yourself. 

Fun facts about Marina:

1. She is a serious animal lover, particularly cats, and even hosts stray kittens at her home while looking for people who want to adopt them.

2. Marina is married for Formula 1 driver and beacon of handsomeness, Alexandre Negrão. His Instagram also makes for good viewing. 

3. Life/wardrobe idol and fellow stalking subject of mine, Mimi Cuttrell, is Marina's stylist... Of course she is. 

4. Fashion has fallen understandably in love with Marina and she has starred in campaigns for Colcci, Valisere and Vivara.

5. Those Ariel-esque locks are perfected with the help of Pantene, for whom Marina is an ambassador... Off to stock up on the stuff I go, ciao.

Photos: Instagram