You'll never guess how Kylie Jenner is celebrating her second Kylie Skin launch...

Hint: there was a private jet with her name on it

It has only been two months since Kylie released her skincare brand and she's already releasing her second collection. Clearly one of Kylie's many projects is to redifine what it means to be a 'super mum'. The drop features a summer trio of a body lotion, body scrub, and a SPF 30 sunscreen oil. They'll be a great addition to the pre-existing collection, only this time she's ditched the sleek pink packaging. Instead, Kylie has chosen a fresh summer vibe and gone for minimalistic white with, of course, a coconut scent.

And in typical Kylie fashion, the announcement was made on Instagram - but surely a single post is quite demure for Ms. Jenner? Indeed. Kylie has thrown some pretty extravagant parties in the past - from Stormi's birthday to the first launch of Kylie Skin. However, this time she's truly outdone herself in celebration of her second drop - and it comes with a little help from a branded private jet.

Yes, a branded jet. And it doesn't stop there. Yesterday, Kylie and her friends jetted off (in matching outfits, of course) to the Turks and Caicos Islands where they were met with branded coconuts, Kylie Skin water and a villa that we've only ever seen in our dreams. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the time off work (yes, that's the only reason we couldn't go) so we'll have to live through Kylie's Instagram stories:

Photos: Supplied and Instagram