Everything that went down at Ahlan!’s eco-friendly Hot 100 celebration

The UAE’s most influential eco-warriors were out in full force
Everything that went down at Ahlan!’s eco-friendly Hot 100 celebration

The 2019 edition of Ahlan!’s legendary Hot 100 party celebrated 100 of the UAE’s most influential people and, not only did it show us who we need to be following on social media, but it was a completely eco-friendly affair at Palazzo Versace Dubai’s picturesque La Piscina.

La Piscina was the gorgeous location for the evening

Each of the 100 individuals were celebrated for their efforts towards saving our planet and for contributing to the fight against climate change, so it seemed only fitting that the celebration be sustainable too.

Guests took home customised candles

Bath & Body Works attracted scent-loving celebs to their candle station, where they demonstrated how you can recycle candle jars once the candle has completely burnt out – useful if you’re a candle hoarder like us. They also brought along Chamodi Fernando, an artist who decorated candles with beautiful custom designs by Merit ElShenawy.

Splash's Aquarium of Truth was eye-opening

Guests learned about ocean conservation and plastic waste through Splash’s Aquarium of Truth – an aquarium full of water bottles, plastic bags, straws and trash to replicate what’s in our oceans.

Pandora brought the goods

A party wouldn’t be complete without some sparkles, and Ahlan!’s came courtesy of Pandora. They showcased their fabulous festive collection and had us adding their pieces to our Christmas wishlists.

If you’ve got a bad case of FOMO, you can watch all the action unfold below:

Photos and video: Supplied