Six lessons from six inspiring Emirati Women

Ahead of Emirati Women's Day on 28 August, let's look to our cultural and socio-political leaders in the region for motivation
Six lessons from six inspiring Emirati Women

Ameerah al-Taweel

Humanitarian, activist, entrepreneur, lecturer, style icon

“Throw yourself to the edge that you’re always scared of. Try being independent; do it your way. You’ll love it.”

Amna al Owais

Chief Executive and Registrar of DIFC Courts

amna al owaiss

“You should always have a clear objective and clear plan of what you want to do. Because with will and determination nothing is impossible. It’s very important to have a clear understanding of where your passion lies, and what you want to contribute to the community or the country. With those in mind, and having the passion, you can achieve what you set yourself as an objective or goal."

Ahlam Boolooki

Festival director for Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

"The social pressures surrounding young people today, especially as a result of the unrealistic portrayals of a "happy life" on social media, play an important role in influencing their life choices as well. But can the impulsive decisions towards one’s short-term happiness be sustained when the financial obligations of the real world catch up?

Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi

Politician and Gulf Business Lifetime Achievement Award winner

“I advise women to start by believing in themselves, following their passion and developing a diverse skillset that will lead to definitive positive outcomes. Our nation depends on everyone, women and men alike, for continued success and the dedication and support of our citizens is highly valued as a result.. However, the one trait that I believe is essential for businesswomen is consistency. Keep believing in the magic you’re creating, move forward and face the obstacles that you encounter with patience and intelligence and, believe me, you will achieve your dreams.”

Mariam al Mansouri

First UAE female fighter pilot

"As in every culture, whenever a woman enters a male-dominated field, they find the same hesitation, same prejudice and same stereotypical thinking... be prepared (when entering) a time and effort-consuming field that requires a great deal of passion".

Noura Al Kaabi

UAE Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development

“Culture is for everyone, not just for a specific level in the community, (so) we need to look for solutions to the questions we haven’t asked before”.