Quarantine Chronicles: Yassmin Saleh

In this new series, the Middle East's creative community invite Grazia into their homes to share the challenges and triumphs of their social-distancing experience and hopes for the future
Quarantine Chronicles: Yassmin Saleh

Yassmin Saleh feels the lockdown is a reminder to be more mindful about our impact on the world

Beirut-based designer Yassmin Saleh weaves a wondrous world with her eponymous ready-to-wear label, so it's little surprise that she's finding glimmers of hope in her life on lockdown. 

How are you finding the transition to a new way of working/life?
It’s been refreshing to have the chance to step back and reflect on our lifestyle and behaviour both personally and at work. Now that time has been taken away from the equation, we are able to focus on a task and give it our full attention. Working from home can be both enlightening and challenging, and I believe that you can always make do with what you have, wherever you are. At the end of the day, I am grateful to be home safe, surrounded by my family.

What have been the biggest challenges?
Although I have been enjoying working from home, I do believe that in the design field, it is crucial to be working hand in hand with the team. The production, sampling and creation is on hold for the moment. Having said that, I am confident that we will slowly overcome this phase.

What’s the most pleasant surprise?
I was surprised to realise how far one can challenge their inner creativity by staying at home. I am enjoying the organic and intuitive process of expressing myself through different mediums, reading books, and watching artistic performances, all of which inspire my work.

What are your hopes for the future?
I hope for everyone in the fashion industry to be more mindful of their impact on the world and the environment and I hope that we will come out of this phase even more united, with a positive energy.

What message do you have for Grazia readers?
There’s always light at the end of the tunnel! In the meantime, be safe, stay strong and optimistic. Use the time that once used to be a luxury to get in touch with yourself, and your surroundings.

Photos: Courtesy of Yassmin Saleh