8 nail art ideas to celebrate the spooky season without dressing up

Let your nails do the talking this Halloween
8 nail art ideas to celebrate the spooky season without dressing up

If you don’t love dressing up for Halloween and are more of a throw-on-some-cat-ears-and-go kind of person, then nail art may be the perfect low-key way for you to celebrate the spookiest night of the year. Add a terrifying touch to any outfit with our picks of the most festive ideas on the web – and it’s a sure-fire way to silence those that say you didn’t make an effort.

Scary in real life and on Halloween, this one’s a no brainer.

Dripping Blood
Adding a few drops of blood to anything is the ultimate lazy girl go-to for a last-minute Halloween costume, so why not apply it to your nails too?

Quirky and cute, these bold Alien nails are sure to turn heads enough that you won’t need a costume.

Python Print
So this one isn’t really Halloween specific, but the specks of red will do the trick for those that hate dressing up but still want to get in the spirit. Bonus points if you can get claws like these.

Day of the Dead
It’s all in the details. We love that this Day of the Dead look is painted on a clear base for maximum impact without being too in your face.

Freddy and Jason
One for committed horror-movie buffs, this Freddie and Jason-inspired look may have you at the salon for a while but it’ll be totally worth it when you see your friend's reactions.

Skulls and Pumpkins
This mix ‘n’ match look is great for the indecisive as it uses just about every symbol of Halloween there is. Pumpkins? Check. Skeletons? Check. Black Glitter? You betcha.

Black Cat
Equal parts cute and spooky, the black cat is not only an iconic Halloween look, but you can keep it going well into November if you’re a fan of the furry friends.

Pictures: Instagram and Unsplash