8 simple tips to help you find your signature scent

Whether you're looking for the ultimate signature scent or a sensational summer spritz, we have the tips for you to meet your perfect perfume match...
8 simple tips to help you find your signature scent

1. Take your time when finding your scent: it is better to travel than to arrive. Never rush – that usually ends in disaster.

2. Shop when your body clock is right and you feel in the mood – relaxed, patient, instinctive and curious.

3. Go it alone. We each perceive smells very differently. The opinion of others is irrelevant and will only distract you. You need to concentrate, think and feel, not listen to criticism.


4. The critical questions to ask when choosing a scent are: Does it make you feel empowered? What would you like to smell of? What is the scent for – work, rest or play? Maybe it’s for a specific outfit? Being focused can cut down the time it takes to find ‘the one’.  

5. Visit a specialist store like Jo Malone, Penhaligon’s, or L’Occitane for impartial advice. Make friends with the staff and cultivate a relationship. 

6. Use a paper card to acquaint yourself with each perfume, but never let it touch your nose or else you’ll suffer from scent confusion. 


7. When you’ve found your favourite, go back and spray it liberally on your skin, giving it at least 30 minutes to develop. But be patient – some can take hours to reveal themselves fully.

8. You know when you’ve found the one when you want to keep sniffing your skin; it makes you feel good and you think, ‘I want more of this!’ 

Photos: Instagram and Jason Lloyd-Evans