A shopping-shaped ode to the low-tech beauty tools that won’t break the bank

Skip the product fatigue - we’re throwing it back to the good ol’ days of no-nonsense old school beauty tools
A shopping-shaped ode to the low-tech beauty tools that won’t break the bank
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In this era of smartphone-fuelled anxiety, it’s comforting to be reminded that sometimes the best things in life can also be tech-free.

For every curling iron, there’s a set of hair rollers; for every electric mixer, a whisk; and for every electronic self-care gadget that costs at least all your savings plus a kidney, there’s a traditional, no-nonsense low-tech counterpart.

Putting the burden on your wallet at ease, we’ve rounded up the old school self-care tools that do exactly what they promise - nothing more, nothing less.

Shiffa Jade Roller

Jade rollers may seem like the Instagram prop of the moment, but in reality, they’ve have been around for eons. Dr. Lamees Hamdan, dermatologist and Founder of Shiffa skincare, explains that “jade rolling contours the facial muscles, helps with reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and tightens pores.” This is due to the fact that, she tells us, "it stimulates blood circulation to the face and lymphatic drainage,” adding that aestheticians who have studied how to perform a lymphatic drainage massage will do an excellent job, but the roller is an excellent at-home alternative at a fraction of the cost of a professional treatment.

How to use it: To get the ball rolling with your own massage routine, Dr. Lamees recommends using the jade roller on a clean face after moisturising and starting from the neckline below the clavicle and slowly working in an upwards direction towards the face, using the smaller stone for under the eyes.

Shiffa Jade Facial Massage Roller Dhs247

StackedSkincare Dermaplaning Tool

Adept at sloughing off dead skin build-up and peach fuzz, this durable dermaplaning tool reveals a baby soft, smooth complexion so skin appears brighter instantly, and makeup goes on smoother. The aluminium handle not only makes it ultra-chic, but also easier to guide and ten-fold more sustainable than regular plastic dermaplaning tools.

How to use it: Use the dermaplaner in short, quick motions when you’ve pulled your skin taut. For the more over-zealous among us: avoid going over the same area twice - shaving is still exfoliation, and as with all exfoliation, you don’t want to overdo it.

StackedSkincare Dermaplaning Tool at Ninth Avenue, Dhs471

Mio Body Brush

If you’re on a quest to achieve the ultimate state of wellness - luminous skin, and boosted immunity included - this body brush with rounded nodules is bound to push your pursuit to the next level. Its stiff bristles exfoliate the skin, while the nodules act as a massager, aiding in draining the lymphatic system, and bringing freshly oxygenated blood to the skin’s surface for a brighter, more even complexion.

How to use it: The best way to dry brush according to Dr. Marchbein, is to glide the body brush over dry skin using "gentle pressure and long, sweeping motions, moving towards the heart – like feet up to thighs, and hands up to underarms,” rather than circular motions. He is also quick to remind us to "be very careful around more sensitive, thinner-skinned body parts such as the chest."

Mio Body Brush at Selfridges, Dhs70

Skin Gym Face Sculptor Beauty Roller

Designed to recreate the pressure and kneading motions of professional deep tissue massage, this weighty tool promotes blood-flow and helps effectively drain toxins and build-up, helping firm, tone and brighten the skin. Its rounded silhouette fits to the contours of the face and neck making your at-home facial massages quick and easy.

How to use it: On freshly cleansed skin or with your favourite serum, oil or moisturiser, move the metal tool in outwards motions, massaging away from the centre of the face.

Skin Gym Face Sculptor Beauty Roller at Beauty Bay, Dhs330

Brushworks Spa Gel Eye Mask

Slightly more sophisticated than using a spoon you’ve chilled in the fridge, this gel eye mask is a standby favourite for those of us with naturally puffy eyes or with a knack for crying at a moment’s notice. This revitalising mask that can be worn hot or cold to help refresh tired eyes by soothing and relieving swelling and headaches. The gel beads retain temperature for much longer than regular gel masks, allowing the mask to deliver therapeutic rejuvenation for longer.

How to use it: Use cold by leaving the mask in the fridge or use warm by placing in warm water before use. An ideal solution for tired eyes, the reusable heating and cooling gel eye mask has an adjustable back for a personalised, comfortable fit and eyeholes for minimal disruption to your daily routine. Try wearing it while you’re getting ready for work after a particularly rough night. You’re welcome.

Brushworks Spa Gel Eye Mask at Look Fantastic, Dhs33

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