Are perfumed lipsticks the next big thing?

By Kilian's Le Rouge Parfum is just the start of a whole host of beauty innovations to get excited about
Are perfumed lipsticks the next big thing?

Known for his layered scents and elaborate cases, perfumer Kilian Hennessy had big-time names such as Dior and McQueen under his belt before he launched his eponymous brand, By Killian, in 2007. His philosophy? To create uncompromising luxury and elegance - now extended to his brand-new foray into cosmetics. But these ain't just your usual lipsticks, oh no.

So clever that we can't quite believe no one's done it sooner, Kilian has taken his signature scents and imbued a range of six - rather saucily named - red lipsticks with them, calling the whole collection Le Rouge Parfum.

"My goal has always been to offer women beautiful weapons of seduction and strong shields of protection at once. Red lips are iconic and express a timelessness and sophistication that is a Kilian aesthetic signature," he explains of why he chose lipstick as his entry into cosmetics. "Le Rouge Parfum is the next logical step in my ambition to make perfume visible."

Visible perfume, eh? Whatever next! Well actually, below Kilian's lipstick are three of the most innovative beauty launches available right now, and we're more than a little obsessed...

Kilian, Le Rouge Parfum Lipstick, Dhs 217 at Saks Fifth Avenue

3-in-1 portable razor, Dhs 55, Sphynx

Ever leave the house in such a hurry that you miss a spot shaving? We've been there. Enter the Sphynx portable razor which you can switch between the refillable water-spray bottle, moisturising bar and two razor blades. It's also the perfect size to pop in a suitcase when you're next travelling.

Byredo Kabuki Perfume Bal d'Afrique, Dhs 230 at Selfridges

Trust cult fragrance house Byredo to take what is effectively an old-school beauty item (talc, anyone?) and not only bring it bang, smack into the 21st century, but make it cool to boot. This perfume powder not only looks great in its minimalist packaging, but is also a humidity-buster - something to think about for all us desert dwellers.

Lay-n-Go Cosmo Cosmetic Bag, Dhs 124, Desert Cart 

Hands up whose make-up bag is like a black hole? Panic not - this one lets you lay it all out, meaning no more hopeless digging around, then pull the drawstring closed and off you go. Potentially life-changing, no?

Photos: Instagram @bykilian