Can Browtox really solve all your brow woes?

Move over microblading
Can Browtox really solve all your brow woes?

From microblading to laminating, brows are big business, and every week there seems to be a new beauty treatment or product promising your best brows ever. 

Personally I’ve been on a brow odyssey since I plucked my perfectly bushy face framers into '90s tadpole oblivion in my teens. Then as bigger brows began to gain traction, I pioneered the HD look, and committed to a slightly bonkers brow regime that involved pencils, gels, slanted brushes and lots of heavy-handed filling, in an effort to emulate Cara Delevingne. Full disclosure: I did not succeed.

Next came microblading, the answer to my patchy prayers until the pigment started to linger in a murky fashion in some areas and disappear completely in others. Admittedly, the solution here would have been to go back for the recommended yearly top-up, but I couldn’t face it so decided to just let my brows do their own thing and grow back at their own pace instead, aided with a quick swipe of Glossier Boy Brow in Clear every morning to help keep unruly sprigs in place. Groundbreaking, I know.

Dr Andrew Ordon

But when I got invited to try out "Browtox" at Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Centre International at Valiant Clinic in Dubai’s City Walk, a procedure that uses Botox to give your brows more symmetry and a fuller appearance, I was intrigued. I’d had Botox before so knew its transformative powers first-hand, but could it really restore my brows to their former pre-plucked glory once and for all? 

Pioneered by Dr Andrew Ordon of Doctors fame, who is also one of the most in-demand celebrity plastic surgeons in Hollywood, Browtox involves injecting Botox into the forehead and temples to tighten the skin and thus lift the brow.

“When you use Botox and fillers you get an immediate response with softening and filling of wrinkles and a new shape to the brow. Muscles that drag the brows in a downwards direction are supressed while avoiding the muscles which pull the brow up,” Dr Ordon explained to Grazia.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll be left looking permanently surprised. Instead, the brows are given a gentle lift, like you’ve had the best sleep of your life and/or have never worried a day in your life.

“By knowing the anatomy, where and how muscles work, selectively using Botox can do things such as raise the brow, fix a gummy smile or slim the jaw,” Dr Ordon added.

My brows in all their Browtox glory

My procedure which was carried out on the day by Dr Silvian Emil Stanciu was quick and relatively painless thanks to a numbing cream, and while I did have some slight bruising in one area for about a week, I went straight back to the office afterwards so there’s no downtime involved.

The result? After two weeks, my brows did in fact look fuller and more aligned, and people couldn't even tell I'd had anything done until I did the requisite "look how my forehead doesn't move" facial expressions test.

And while I don’t know quite how Dr Silvian managed to do it, my brows have never been easier to tame, and I'm finally at a place where I don't want to subject them to any other brow treatments that come my way. For now anyway. 

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