Can this facial cure the effects of sleep deprivation?

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, Jade Chilton discovers the perfect remedy for tired mamas at the new Dior Skin Cabine
Can this facial cure the effects of sleep deprivation?
If Dior's new facial can't cure the signs of sleep deprivation, at least their sunglasses can hide your bags

Ask any new mum what her skin routine is like and our guess is that her reply will be a blank stare or a wry chuckle. Either way, routines in a mum’s life comprise of nap schedules, milk feeds and play time – not serums, essences and masks.

What I’ve discovered is that motherhood does this fun thing where it steals all your sleep and then sucks out all the moisture and glow from your pores. The situation is particularly grim for those mothers who are breastfeeding. In a vain attempt to reverse this and regain that bright-eyed and bushy-tailed look that Facebook keeps reminding me I once had, I slip off to the new Dior Skin Cabine in The Dubai Mall for a 45-minute revival – the perfect duration for a baby's nap.

“What is your main concern?” asks Dior skincare specialist, Katie Yakubovich. “Sleep deprivation,” I declare. Yakubovich smiles and nods. “Skin needs time to adjust to change but a lack of sleep for new mums means that, unfortunately, it takes longer for skin to get back what it’s lost,” she explains.

Pointing out some angry blemishes hiding under my skin, I say, “I might need some help with these too." Taking a look, Yakubovich explains that spots on the jawline can be caused by bad digestion and poor diet. “Your sleep is interrupted, looking after a child is hard and then everything good we eat tends to disappear too.”

I tell her how a no-wash-off hydrating mask that I apply once a week used to need blotting away after 15 minutes pre-baby, but post-baby can’t be seen or felt after three minutes max. “Right, we are going to replenish your skin with hydration, vitamins and minerals,” she says, choosing the Age Delaying and Beautifying Treatment.

After swaddling me in fluffy towels, Yakubovich starts layering my skin with lotion after potion, intermittently pulling, massaging and even gently pinching my skin which, she explains afterwards, is a way of draining the lymph nodes – aka ridding my eyes of the puff that comes as a result of the 5am wake-up call I had suffered that morning.

After the treatment, it turns out all those luxury products actually work, as my zombie-like complexion now appeared more lifelike and – dare I say – glowy. The key product used during the facial, in my opinion, was the Satin Brightening Eye Creme from Dior's Prestige White Collection that I swear removed a year's build-up of dark circles from my eyes. This, my fellow mamas, is the REAL secret weapon.

Before sending me on my way, Yakubovich reminds me, “Don't skip the toner step.”

“Really? Isn't that the stage you don’t need?” I ask, in an attempt to try and simplify my hectic life.

“That’s what people think, but a toner will balance the PH of your skin after cleansing and will help restore any hydration lost when cleansing.”

I leave with the confidence that, if all else fails and I don’t stick to any kind of routine and the toner step gets forgotten in the madness of morning time, I can always fall back on the Dior Skin Cabine to restore my skin – and my sanity.

  • The Age-Delay and Beautifying Treatment costs Dhs400 for 30 minutes or Dhs500 for 45 minutes at the Dior Skin Cabine in the Dior Beauty boutique, Perfumery & Co, Fashion Avenue, The Dubai Mall

Photos: Jason Lloyd-Evans and Unsplash