Can this high tech beauty device really elevate your skincare routine?

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Can this high tech beauty device really elevate your skincare routine?

From attempting a beachy wave to getting a bikini wax, there are certain things you should leave to the beauty professionals, and facials usually fit into this category. But sometimes life gets in the way, and if you can’t find the time to pencil out half a day for the power of a transformative facial treatment, you come to rely on a series of quick fixes to get you through until your next appointment, which is probably why Korean sheet masks in particular continue to surge in popularity.

Sheet masks are a great way to give your skin an instant boost, but if you want to get all the benefits of a mask and then some, the UFO by FOREO, a Smart Mask, is an innovative device that will help you elevate your skincare routine in a new way. 

UFO smart mask by FOREO

The device from the Swedish beauty tech brand, allows you to do a 90-second sheet mask facial from the comfort of your own bathroom, and uses LED technology to stimulate skin cell in a way that traditional sheet masks can't. 

And the innovation doesn't stop there. There are seven FOREO masks to choose from, each promising to do different things, and the UFO by FOREO tailors its functions to match the specific mask you’ve chosen. The warming Thermotherapy feature helps infuse the mask’s active ingredients into the skin, while the cooling Cryo-Therapy mode helps diminish the appearance of pores and reduce puffiness. There’s also a T-sonic function that mimics a massage.

To get started, download the FOREO FOR YOU app and follow the instructions to pair your UFO device. In the app, scan the mask barcode and the corresponding treatment will automatically sync to your UFO device and you are ready to start your treatment directly from the app.

Next, remove the attachment ring from the device, and remove your UFO Activated Mask from the sachet. Secure the mask on the device by clipping the attachment ring back into place, with the Foreo logo facing up.

Gently glide the UFO across clean, dry skin and massage the formula in using circular motions until the device turns off, indicating the end of your treatment. Dispose of the mask and rinse your UFO under running water.

UFO masks by FOREO

Finally use your fingers to gently pat any remaining essence into your skin, until it is fully absorbed. 

Make my Day is perfect for perking you up in the mornings; Call it a Night is ideal as a nourishing nightcap; while Matte Maniac is great for oily skin types prone to breakouts (and my personal fave).

On the hunt for an injection of moistuire or a more dewy complexion? Youth Junkie gives a boost of collagen; pearl-fused Glow Addict and Shimmer Freak, which contains caffeine and light-reflecting particles will leave your skin gleaming; and H2O Overdose containing hyaluronic acid does exactly what it says on the tin - quenches dehyration in a beat. 

This means you can personalise your experience and tailor your skincare routine based on what your skin needs that day. A bespoke, salon-worthy facial in 90 seconds flat? What's not to love. 

  • UFO by FOREO is available to buy at Sephora stores or online at

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